Adenovirus Treatment

To understand deeply about the adenovirus treatment it is important to know about the adenovirus infections.

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    What are Adenovirus Infections?

    Adenoviruses are the group of viruses that can affect the lining of our eyes, airways, lungs, intestines, urinary tract and nervous system and even these viruses become the cause for fever, cough, sore throat, and diarrhea.

    These infections can happen at any age but children are more prone to them even at the age of 10. These infections can be severe in children and among the people having low immunity so they all have to go for AdenoVirus Infection treatment India.

    These infections are contagious so can even spread from one infected person to other through tough, breathing, touching or sneezes as these viruses fly into air and land on surfaces.


    There can be different symptoms and different effects of different adenovirus as follows

    • In bronchitis infections, a person can have issues like a cough, running nose, chills and fever
    • In respiratory infections, the patient can have issues like a runny nose, cough, sore throat, swollen glands, and even stuffy nose.
    • In croup, the patient feels trouble in breathing, barking cough and high pitched sound while breathing in
    • The person feels ear pain, irritability, and fever in ear infection
    • In pink eye or conjunctivitis, a person has red eyes, discharge from eyes and tearing.
    • In pneumonia fever, cough and breathing troubles are most common
    • In the stomach and intestinal infections vomiting, headache, fever, cramps, and diarrhea are common symptoms.
    • A person have symptoms like burning and pain while urinating, frequent urination and blood in urine in urinary tract infections.


    For the effective treatment of adenovirus India, deep diagnosis including a physical exam and some medical tests is essential. For seeing the virus infections generally, the doctors recommend tests like

    • Blood test
    • Urine test
    • Swab test
    • Stool test
    • X-ray of chest


    Some people feel that antibiotics can help them to get rid of the adenovirus infections but it is not true as these medicines only kill the bacteria but not to their infections.

    Following approaches can help you to get rid of these infections

    • Plenty of water may help the patient to stay hydrated even after vomiting or diarrhea and even to stay hydrated you may choose fruit juice or electrolytes.
    • Often blow your nose with saline spray or some nasal drops. Even suction out mucus with bulb syringe is also advisable.
    • Cool mist humidifier can also help the patient especially to the children in breathing easily.
    • By giving some over the counter medication with the recommendation of doctor you may try to bring down the fever.


    Prevention is better than cure so you may take some preventions to keep your child away from these virus infections as follow

    • Try to keep yourself or your children away from the other infected person
    • Cleaning and washing of hands is essential to keep away from a virus or any bacteria
    • Clean surfaces including kitchen counters sink, bathrooms help you out to get rid of germs

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