IVF or In Vitro Fertilization technique helps the women to get pregnant with lab assisted procedure. It is the effective lab assisted reproductive technology that has been used to fulfill the dream of various childless couples.

During the IVF procedure, the female egg is fertilized with male sperm outside the body, in Petri dish under the controlled conditions of the lab and then developed embryo is implanted in intended mother’s womb back for the successful pregnancy. It is also known as test tube baby procedure.

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    Quick Facts about Test Tube Baby Procedure

    • IVF help the women to get pregnant even when other infertility treatments get failed.
    • It is the process of artificial conception in which fertilization of the egg occurs outside the body
    • After every three hours, one test tube baby born worldwide
    • There are some chances of multiple births with IVF but can be minimized by the efficient and experienced doctor.
    • There is no difference between test tube babies and normal babies.

    Test Tube Baby Procedure- Step by Step

    We, as the best test tube baby center in India, providing the best quality IVF treatment to childless couples in the following steps


    Before and during the IVF cycle, our IVF experts monitor the ovaries so that they can know about the timing and quality of egg release. In some cases, female patients are not having normal menstrual cycle then fertility medications are given to induce ovulation and to ensure the production of more eggs than usual.


    In the second step of the IVF cycle, produced eggs are monitored and collected from the ovaries with minor surgical and painless procedure known as follicular aspiration. For retrieving eggs from the ovaries, a very thin needle connected to a suction device is inserted into the vagina and eggs are sucked out. To raise the chances of pregnancy 15 eggs can be retrieved at one time for one IVF cycle.


    Along with the egg collection, on the same day semen sample of the male partner also has been taken for getting best quality sperms. On the next day of egg and sperm collection, both female eggs and male sperms are kept in the Petri dish in the controlled condition of the lab for fertilization. Conditions of the lab completely mimic the mother womb so that successful, healthy and hygienic fertilization can occur.
    During the fertilization step, embryo development has been monitored for 3-4 days so that a healthy embryo can be developed without any birth defects.


    IVF is the effective treatment that can help the women to get pregnant even if they have unexplained infertility, blocked fallopian tube, irregular periods, and other infertility issues. The success rate of test tube baby treatment depends on various factors like

    • Choice of the best IVF center
    • Experienced IVF doctor
    • Age of patient
    • Infertility problem
    • Quality of female eggs and male sperms

    However, studies have shown that females with age having less than 35 can have higher success rates as compared to others.

    If you are still deprived of the baby with natural conception, meet our experts to get the best advice and the best treatment with only justified test tube baby cost in India.

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