Childless couples have a variety of options these days to realize their dream of becoming parents. One of them is IUI. It is better known as Artificial Insemination. The procedure is less invasive than IVF. It also scores one up on the financial angle as it costs lesser than IVF. IUI cost in India varies from place to place.


The medical process of placing sperms in a woman’s uterus is termed as IUI. It is carried out when the woman is ovulating. It is used to facilitate the fertilization process by giving the sperm a head start.

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    The Crucial Points

    Advantages of IUI

    The IUI procedure is comparatively less time consuming as compared to other methods. The patient experiences less discomfort. There are absolutely no chances of the patient spending the day after at the hospital as the process is completely non-surgical.

    Disadvantages of IUI

    The process might incur infection in some cases. There are chances of multiple pregnancies if the technique is used in conjunction with fertility medications.

    The Ideal Candidates

    The IUI procedure is recommended for the women who suffer from the following conditions which hinder a successful conception:-

    • The infertility is there but no obvious reasons can be deducted.
    • Cervical Mucus, a condition which is hostile to a successful pregnancy. Other problems related to the cervix are also included.
    • Presence of a scar in the cervical tissue. Such conditions also lead to failure to conceive.
    • If the male partner is suffering from ejaculation dysfunction problems, then also IUI is beneficial.

    The Not So Ideal Candidates

    • Women with endometriosis can’t benefit from this technique.
    • Women with pelvic infections are also advised not to go for this treatment.
    • Women suffering from conditions of the fallopian tubes also can’t go for the IUI process.


    Checking the Ovulation Cycle

    The ovulation cycle of the woman is observed closely. If she is suffering from hormonal imbalance, then she is given medicine accordingly. The lady is also checked for any structural problems. Chances of infection must also be ruled out before starting the IUI procedure.

    Confirm that the Body is Ready for IUI

    Artificial ovulation may be simulated. In both the cases, the cycle is observed carefully. The IUI procedure is initiated at the time of ovulation. The time is detected by the increase in LH hormone. Once the surge is detected, IUI is performed after 24-36 hours as this is the time ovulation will occur. IUI treatment in Punjab is available at various locations. A close monitoring of the woman’s ovulation cycle is required if ovulatory medications are being used. The close observation will show when exactly the eggs are mature enough for the IUI to be initiated.

    Procure the Semen Sample

    The semen sample, which may come either from the woman’s partner or from a donor, is taken and washed. If the female’s partner is suffering from semen related problem, the sperm may be supplied by a donor. The requisite samples may be obtained from a sperm bank. The washing process is carried out to segregate the semen from the seminal fluid. The process of washing eliminates the toxic chemicals from the sperm which might prove harmful to the woman’s uterus.


    The chances of succeeding in IUI are 20 %. The success depends on a variety of factors like the cause of infertility and the age of the patient. It also depends on whether fertility medications were used or not.
    Although IUI is less invasive and less expensive than IVF, it also shows a much lower success rate. Consult a doctor if you are keen on IUI. IUI center in Moga offers all the requisite facilities.
    Some over the counter medications are also available for improving the fertility of the couples. Couples can opt for them, but only after going through the resource guide and checking with the medical practitioners.

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