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Natural Birth hospital

GMC hospital is known as the Best Normal delivery hospital in Moga as we have higher rates of successful normal deliveries of a baby with pain or painless delivery as per the choice of the intended mother. We try to provide the home-like ambiance in the hospital to the pregnant women so that they could not feel restricted and alone. We support the women to act spontaneously during the birth of baby like while finding the comfortable posture during extreme labor. We also give preference to active birth rather than lying down on birth that is why our rates of natural births are higher.
As the renowned Natural Birth Hospital in India, we strive to offer personalized and individualized care to the patient as per the desires of patients and within the limits of their privacy and safety. The decision of birth choice taken by the patient is always respected and supported so that during labor women can feel comfortable.

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    Why only us?

    • We provide complete health assessment and care throughout the antenatal, delivery, and postnatal experience in the regular visits of the patient in the center.
    • Personalized attention and care to each woman as per the need and desire of the female patient
    • Information and support as per the patient’s choice.
    • Private rooms with nursing staff as your wish
    • Separate Neonatal intensive care unit
    • Fully equipped and furnished birth rooms, wards and personal rooms
    • Large birth pool
    • In-house prepared healthy and nutritious food
    • Families can have rooms with dining facilities
    • The reasonable Natural Birth cost in Punjab

    How we help our patients in natural birth

    We help patients by providing various healthy sessions so that they can feel comfortable during natural birth and can bear the extreme pain of labor. Following are some techniques that we offer to support our patients

    Aqua-natal Session

    It is the form of exercise which is safe and effective during pregnancy. In this session intended mothers can learn about the positions, breathing and comfort techniques. Even they can learn that buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure can make the participation of aqua natal enjoyable and beneficial for the mother during and even after the pregnancy.

    Hypno Birth session

    It is the session in which the women are prepared mentally and physically for the natural labor and birth. By taking the help of self-hypnosis we try to program the mind of women to expect relaxation and pleasure during the labor and natural birth instead of fear and pain. It is a quite beneficial session as it eliminates the phobia of labor from the minds of pregnant women and even this session reduces the need for interventions like C-section during birth. Thus it is the healthy session that can help the women to come out from the fear and be comfortable and relax during the extreme point of labor and vaginal delivery.

    What we make possible?

    Normal delivery after cesarean

    Most of the females believe that after having cesarean delivery first time they cannot have further normal delivery next time means they have to choose c- section again for next baby but GMC hospital ensures that there is a possibility for the normal delivery after C-section means vaginal birth is possible for eligible candidates even after cesarean and our team of experts supports such candidates.

    Water birth

    We feel pride that we are able to offer water birth to the women who are at lower risk of developing complications. We make it possible by using the spacious tubs and showers as we know that warm water can give relief to women in labor. We have fully equipped labor rooms so that we can cater all the needs of the patient during labor and birth.

    Do You Have Any Questions?

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