PCO Drilling


Understanding PCO Drilling

PCOS refers to polycystic ovary syndrome; it is quite a common infertility issue among the women even in their young age. Usual fertility drugs do not generally work for this syndrome and Women with this syndrome do not conceive naturally and even they could not get rid of the immediate symptom of PCO that is excess weight. It is the disorder in which female body produce the excess of testosterone and insulin hormones as a result of which fertility of the females get reduced. Women with PCO syndrome also have disturbed menstrual cycle and reduced ovulation as a result of which their capability of conceiving gets hindered.
Fortunately, it is possible to get out of this syndrome with the effective procedure of ovarian drilling. However, there are only a few centers that provide this treatment but we are pioneered PCO drilling center in Punjab so now it is possible to conceive after the effective treatment of the PCO syndrome from us.

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    How Does PCO Drilling Work?

    It is the effective and minimally invasive treatment option for Women with PCO syndrome due to which their doors for being mother get opened. It is the laparoscopic procedure so it is performed under the general anesthesia so that patient could have comfortable and painless delivery.
    This surgery is the outpatient procedure with the less recovery time so the patients can get back to their home on the same or next day of the surgery.
    This surgery has been done under the three steps as follows

    • The small incision has been made below the belly button for drilling
    • In the next step carbon dioxide filled tube is inserted in the abdomen through the small incision. This tube inflates the abdomen without damaging the internal organs
    • The surgeon inserts the special tools and with the help of electric current, small holes are made in the ovaries.

    All these steps of the procedure are performed with the help of bigger images of internal organs and ovaries captured by the thin telescope with the camera that has been inserted in the abdomen through the incision.
    This procedure of ovarian drilling can break out the thick outer layer of the ovaries, which get formed due to PCO syndrome. The drilling of ovaries destroy the portions of the thick layer and boost up the fertility of the patient as a result of which women can have regular periods and ovulation so they can get pregnant

    Is it the Safe Procedure?

    This procedure sounds scary but is completely safe and minimally invasive procedure that can help you to ovulate regularly with the balance of the male hormones. There are some minor risks are associated with the procedure such as

    There is the risk of bleeding and infection after the surgery
    Some patients are allergic to anesthesia so surgeon must be careful while giving anesthesia
    Sometimes internal organs get damaged due to t inappropriate use of tools inserted inside for ovarian drilling
    There can be the formation of scar tissue between the ovaries and tubes so in these cases our pregnancy can become difficult even after the PCO treatment.

    All above risks associated with the procedure can be minimized up to zero if you have chosen the best surgeon. Even PCOS drilling cost in India Is quite justified so consult our experts to get rid of PCO syndrome and to have the successful conception.

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