ALL ABOUT C- Section

Understanding procedure, reasons, and risks associated with C- Section or Cesarean Delivery

A cesarean section or C- section is the surgical delivery of the baby means in this procedure baby is taken out from the abdomen directly. Cesarean Delivery in India is generally preferred when the vaginal delivery is not possible. Sometimes the unexpected problems occurred during the delivery of baby then the doctors recommend for the C- section delivery.
C- Section Delivery in Punjab is sometimes planned and sometimes is performed due to complications in the vaginal delivery. In many cases, vaginal delivery put the life of the mother or the baby at risk so the doctors suggest for the C- section delivery. This surgery is safe for both mother and baby but has a longer recovery period than vaginal delivery.

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    Reasons to recommend C- section delivery

    In many cases, doctors prefer C-section than the vaginal births due to following reasons

    • Developmental conditions in the baby
    • If the baby is having the too big head for the birth canal
    • Breech birth
    • Complications in pregnancy
    • Mother is having high BP issue or heart disease
    • Mother is having active genital herpes and there is the risk of transmission in baby
    • Past C-section delivery
    • Issues related to placenta means either placental abruption or previa
    • Umbilical cord issues
    • Stalled or no labor
    • Transverse labor
    • Less oxygen supply to the baby
    Ovarian Cystectomy

    Childless couples are often struck by hopelessness and frustration when they find out that they are one of the unlucky ones who are infertile. Well, they have some chances of getting to hold their biological child in their arms if they seek medical intervention on time. The reasons for infertility vary from one individual couple to another. The defect may be present in either the male or the female or both.IVF treatment is a suitable method which holds a great promise for the couples facing the dilemma of infertility. One of the major reasons could be a cyst in the ovary of the female. If that is the case, it is completely treatable. Ovarian cystectomy surgery in India is readily available. Ovarian cystectomy procedure in Moga is conducted at many clinics.

    Ovarian cysts

    While the normal ovaries have a normal size, the ovaries with cysts tend to swell up due to the presence of cysts in them. They are not a cancerous growth but they have extremely adverse effects on the fertility of the female. They trigger a deterioration in the quality of eggs. Three kinds of cysts can be observed:neoplastic, functional and endometriotic. A special surgery which removes the cysts is called cystectomy.


    The ovarian cysts are detected using the ultrasound technique. The removal of the cysts may be done through either laparoscopy or laparotomy. While laparoscopy is the name given to the procedure in which the surgery is performed through a keyhole. Laparotomy is the surgery performed after making an incision in the abdomen. If the surgeon suspects cancer, then Laparotomy is recommended as it allows a full view of the abdominal and pelvic internal organs.If cancer is detected then the ovaries are removed. Otherwise, the cysts are removed while the ovaries are left behind.

    Post surgery recommendations

    After the surgery, strenuous activity should be avoided for a week’s period.In case you have a laparotomy, a 4 day stay at the hospital is necessary. Normal activities may be resumed after a period of 14 days.

    The financial aspect

    Ovarian cysts treatment cost in Punjab is a variant amount which depends on the location and the clinic chosen.Suitable research work regarding competent doctors and well-equipped clinics should be carried out before arriving at the final decision.


    For the C- section delivery patient has to stay 4-5 days in the hospital as it takes time to recover after this delivery.

    Before this delivery, the abdomen is cleaned and then an intravenous fluid is given through the arms under the administration of the doctor. One catheter is also put into your bladder to keep it empty.

    Then the anesthesia has been given to the patient so that you could have painless and comfortable delivery. There is generally three types of anesthesia has been used for this kind of delivery like spinal block, epidural and general anesthesia.

    When the patient gets properly medicated and numbed then doctor made incision just above the pubic hairline and horizontal across the pelvis and in some conditions this incision is also made vertical.
    After the abdominal incision, when the uterus gets exposed then another incision is made into the uterus to open it. Then the baby is picked by cutting the umbilical cord. Then as a final step of the surgery uterus is repaired with dissolving stitches and then the abdominal incision is also closed.

    Recovery after C- section

    It is the surgery of a few minutes and after that patient and the baby both are shifted to the ward and kept under the supervision of the doctor. After 4-5 days the patient is asked to take a small walk and even to take some light food. Mostly after 7-8 days, the patient is asked to visit again for the cutting of stitches.
    It takes almost 2-3 months to a patient to get recover from the surgery but it is safe surgery for both mother and baby. For the recovery, the period patient has been given instructions for preventive and faster recovery and even some medications are also recommended to manage pain or after delivery effects.

    Risks associated with C- section

    C- Section surgery is safe but there are some potential risks associated with it as follows

    • Risk of bleeding and blood clots
    • Breathing issues for babies in case of premature delivery before 39 weeks
    • Infection
    • The risk for future deliveries
    • Scarring and pain

    All the above risks are manageable but if you have chosen the experienced and efficient surgeon for this delivery. It is completely safe and simple surgery of a few minutes and even C- Section Delivery cost in Moga is also reasonable so is a widely popular option for delivering babies.

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