Hernia Surgery

A hernia means when something comes through, it is the bulge or swelling that happens in the inner body part but pokes through the weak area or hole of the abdominal muscle or tissue wall. Indication for a hernia is that some people notice a swelling or lump in the stomach area or groin. It may or may not be a painful condition.

If you feel sudden hernia pain especially when you pushed back then you must seek for medical help so that you could get hernia repair and it must not be ignored as otherwise, it may also cut off the blood supply to intestines and tissue of abdomen.

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    What is a hernia repair procedure?

    Hernia repair in India is the most common surgical procedure due to which patient can get relief from pain and their hernia abdominal organs get returned to the correct place and even it may strengthen the weak muscle areas.


    Hernia Repair Surgery is the simple and day case procedure of around one hour and even can be performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the condition of a hernia.

    There can be two hernia repair types including open or keyhole surgery which is recommended by the doctor according to the type of a hernia and its condition.

    With painless delivery, the patient could see the process of childbirth and remain comfortable
    Along with the relief from the pain of delivery, the patient can get escape from the secretion of stress hormones
    Blood pressure could be controlled easily and even other complications can be prevented during the painless delivery
    With the painless delivery, duration of childbirth can be reduced.

    What to expect after hernia surgery?

    Hernia Repair Surgery in India is just a routine procedure but like other surgeries, there are also some risk factors depending on the hernia operation and the patient’s health.

    However, hernia repair surgery recovery time is not much longer as the patient can get back to their routine in 2-3 weeks but there is a risk of reoccurrence of a hernia and even infection or damage of the tissue or muscle.

    But all these risks can be minimized with the right selection of the surgeon and center for operation depending on the quality of treatment offered not on the basis of lower hernia repair surgery cost.

    However, the hernia repair cost in India is not very high still you must compare the cost offered with the quality and results of the treatment offered and then you should choose the best hernia specialist surgeon and center.

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