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Biliary Duct Obstruction

Biliary obstruction is the condition of blockage of the bile ducts that carry bile from the liver and gallbladder. In the Biliary duct obstruction, the passage of bile ducts gets blocked through which the bile (dark green or yellowish brown fluid secreted by the liver for digesting fats) pass through the pancreas to the duodenum.

Bile ducts are of various types but the mainly two types of ducts Intrahepatic ducts and extrahepatic ducts found in liver

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    As for carrying the bile, there are a number of components included bile ducts, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and small intestine so the obstruction can be caused by many issues related to these components of a bile carrying process like

    • Gallstone
    • Inflammation
    • Trauma
    • Abnormal narrowing of ducts
    • Cysts
    • Enlarged lymph nodes
    • Injury or surgery of gallbladder or liver
    • Liver damage
    • Infection
    • tumors
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    Biliary obstruction diagnosis

    Diagnosis of Biliary obstruction is very important for having the best and effective treatment for Biliary obstruction. For the best diagnosis, doctors recommend some tests like blood test including CBC and liver function test, ultrasonography, Biliary radionuclide scan, cholangiography, MRI scan, MRCP, and ERCP.

    Treatment for Biliary obstruction

    Mostly all types of Biliary duct obstructions are treatable. For the best treatment doctors aim at the correction of the underlying cause of the blockage of ducts. Sometimes medically the blockage of the ducts is eliminated.

    Sometimes doctors recommend for Surgery for Biliary Obstruction so that blockage can be removed. Biliary duct obstruction treatment surgery is quite safe and effective treatment option for Biliary obstruction.

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