Know about TESA – Testicular Sperm Aspiration

There are only a few centers that provide TESA treatment in Punjab; fortunately, we are one of them. Our expert team of infertility specialists provides the complete assistance to patients so that they can come out from the trauma of infertility and could plan their families. TESA is the surgical procedure to harvest the sperms in males with an infertility problem.

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    What is Testicular Sperm Aspiration?

    Testicular sperm Aspiration or extraction is the sperm retrieving technique which is used to harvest sperms in case of males with Azoospermia issue. It is the microsurgical technique in which sperms are harvested in the men who have little or no sperm in the ejaculation.
    It is the minimally invasive procedure to obtain viable sperm surgically. This procedure is generally combined with IVF procedure of artificial conception in the controlled conditions of the lab. After the complete diagnosis and taking the semen sample, the doctor can suggest you for this treatment option.

    Methods of TESA

    Depending upon the results of patient’s semen sample, our infertility experts recommend the appropriate method for the testicular sperm aspiration. Most common types of sperm retrieval methods are as follows


    PESA or percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration method is preferred if the patient has sperms in the epididymis. It is the minimally invasive procedure in which needle is passed through the scrotal skin directly into the epididymis to retrieve the sperms. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia.


    MESA or microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration method is performed to retrieve the sperms from epididymal. In this procedure small incision has been made in the scrotum and the micropuncture pipette is used to puncture the epididymal tubule and the sperm is retrieved through this pipette.


    Testicular sperm extraction method is preferred when the men have no sperm present in the epididymis and the sperms are retrieved from the testicles. This procedure is done under the local anesthesia or sometimes under the IV conscious sedation.
    This is the procedure of few minutes in which the sliver of testicular tissue is microdissected under the microscope and the sperms are retrieved directly from the testicles. After the procedure patient may feel bit pain or discomfort but all these get vanish after some time.

    Success Rates of TESA

    The success rates of this procedure are quite high as the sperms retrieved can be directly injected into the female egg for fertilization with the technique ICSI. So the couple using IVF technique can combine TESA and ICSI procedures with conventional IVF process to get higher success rates of pregnancy after one complete cycle.
    Moreover, the sperms retrieved from the TESA procedure can also be preserved by freezing for the future use so it is the effective treatment for the men who have the low sperm count.
    If you are seeking for the best treatment and reasonable TESA cost in India then you can visit our TESA center in Moga where you can get standardized treatment with optimized results.

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