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What you Need to Consider for a Risk-Free Pregnancy

It is best to consult an obstetrician-gynaecologist to rule out any factors that might hinder your chances of normal conception and a hassle-free pregnancy. Nowadays, the medical fraternity advises that the concerned couple should visit the doctor even before the conception occurs so that they can create the ideal conditions for an uncomplicated childbirth process. If you are looking for an obstetrician-gynecologist in Moga, your search ends here.

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    What is High-risk pregnancy?

    Some women have such medical conditions that their pregnancy is hazardous for both the expectant mother and the unborn child. Certain age factors or lifestyle habits may also contribute to high-risk pregnancy. The major reasons for a complicated pregnancy are the maternal age of 35 or more, Blood pressure problems, diabetes, autoimmune diseases or heart problems. HIV infection or Hepatitis C also acts a spoilsport in the pregnancy period. One should be careful that the mother doesn’t carry rubella, syphilis or chickenpox infections. It is advised that both the partners refrain from smoking and alcohol abuse. Drug abuse should also be avoided. The mother should take into account her pregnancy history if she has conceived before. A woman with a prior history of miscarriages, stillbirth or premature delivery needs to be more careful. If the woman is suffering from pregnancy-related complications like gestational diabetes and tendency for premature delivery, then she should take utmost care during her pregnancy. If the couple’s families have a history of genetic disorders or the previous child is suffering from one, then they need to consult the doctor before planning a baby. Birth defects in the previous child should also be taken seriously and the couple should seek advice from the doctor in such cases.

    A high-risk pregnancy shouldn’t be taken as a negative point. If the people in the family give support to the couple, then the pregnancy might become complication free. Suitable prenatal care and more frequent visits to the doctor are advisable in this case. Frequent ultrasound of the baby is desirable to ensure that the baby is growing properly. Medical care and a supportive environment can work wonders in such cases. It is highly recommended that the couple meets the doctor even before conception so that many factors can be recognized and worked on.

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