What is ICSI treatment?

ICSI refers to Intracytoplasmic sperm injection technique that can be associated with the IVF to higher up the success rates of it.
ICSI is the lab-based procedure in which single sperm is chosen and picked up with the very fine needle and this single sperm is injected directly into the individual egg to penetrate it. It is the advanced procedure invented to overcome the male infertility problem. This technique ensures the penetration of egg even if the sperm count is very less.

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    Candidates for ICSI treatment

    The candidates of conventional IVF are ideal for ICSI but in following conditions, ICSI treatment is recommended

    • If the male partner has the low sperm count
    • When the mobility of the perm is not normal and is not sufficient to penetrate the egg
    • When the sperms are retrieved from the testes surgically
    • If there is the presence of antibodies in the semen sample
    • After the failed IVF cycle with the conventional method
    • Tubal factor, uterine factor are also clear indications for the ICSI-IVF procedure
    • Patients of Ovulatory dysfunction can also go for this advanced procedure
    • Females having endometriosis and diminished ovarian can also get pregnant with this procedure
    • Same as the conventional IVF, females have unexplained infertility can undergo this procedure for successful pregnancy
    • If the females are having the limited number of oocytes then ICSI procedure is recommended to ensure fertilization in the first attempt

    ICSI Procedure

    ICSI treatment in Punjab is combined with IVF to ensure the fertilization of eggs with even low sperm count. So the steps under the ICSI-IVF are similar to the conventional IVF. During the ICSI treatment following steps are involved

    Stimulation of the ovaries same as the conventional IVF treatment process
    Eggs Collection
    Sperm collection and injecting the sperm in the egg with the fine needle under ICSI treatment.
    Fertilization and Embryo Development
    Embryo Implantation to ensure the Successful Pregnancy after ICSI-IVF Treatment.

    ICSI Success Ratio

    If you have chosen the best ICSI center in Moga, Punjab then you can rely on the successful results as ICSI procedure can only be performed by the experienced and efficient doctor. Studies have shown that chances of successful pregnancy in ICSI –IVF are greater as compared to conventional IVF.

    Approximately more than 25% patient get successful results after the first attempt with ICSI, however, the results of the procedure may vary according to the patient as patient’s age, sperm quality and mobility can affect the results.

    Conventional versus ICSI –IVF Approach

    In the conventional IVF, oocytes and the male sperms are kept together for successful fertilization and in this procedure, the sperms as per their mobility and quality penetrates the eggs and lead to fertilization. For this approach with each egg set of sperm cells of specific concentration are kept to ensure fertilization.
    In the conventional IVF, eggs and sperms interact between the gametes that mimic the conditions of fallopian tubes so for this procedure there is requirement of specific semen concentration so some males could not go for this procedure if they are having low count or low quality of sperms and even if the mobility of sperms is not sufficient then also this conventional method get fails.
    Whereas in the ICSI-IVF method if the male partner does not have the specific concentration of semen then also can give his sample for fertilization as best quality sperm can be directly injected in the egg for fertilization. So this improved and modern procedure has given many benefits to childless couples and improved the chances of pregnancy even if the couple is suffering due to male or female infertility issue.
    However, the patient has to pay additional ICSI treatment cost along with the basic cost of conventional IVF but can sit relax for the successful pregnancy with this procedure

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