Hysteroscopy at GCR memorial hospital

We are leading Hysteroscopy treatment center in Punjab and feel pride in serving the female patients that are suffering due to heavy bleeding during the periods and even some patients feel the severe cramping during the periods. All these problems are sorted out with the hysteroscopy procedure and this procedure is recommended only after the physical examination of the reproductive health of the female patient.
During the hysteroscopy doctor and patient can have the closer look to the cervix and uterus and even the problematic factor which causes the severe bleeding and pain can be determined.

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    Why has Hysteroscopy been Done?

    Mostly this internal examination procedure has been done if the patient has heavy bleeding during the periods or having the periods longer than the normal period length of 3-5 days. Under the following conditions also this procedure is recommended

    • If the patient has abnormal results of Pap test
    • If bleeding occurs even after the menopause
    • In case of polyps, uterus scarring, and fibroids this procedure is recommended
    • Multiple miscarriages
    • For biopsy
    • If IUD has come out from its place

    How is Hysteroscopy Done?

    This procedure is safe and it is just part of some physical examination. This procedure can be done either under the general anesthesia or awake condition of the patient. Under the general anesthesia, the patient does not feel any discomfort or pain. On the other hand, if the patient is awake then doctor provide him some medication for relaxation during the procedure.

    For the hysteroscopy, the cervix is opened up with the mediations or tools called dilators. Spectrum is used to keep your vagina open for the further progress in the procedure.
    She’ll also use medication or tools called dilators to help open your cervix and the spectrum is used to keep open to the vagina of the patient.
    Hysteroscope is inserted through the cervix into the uterus of the patient. For the expansion of uterus gas or liquid like saline is pushed through the hysteroscope, so that doctor could have the clear view of the uterus lining and fallopian tubes.

    What Can You Expect After Hysteroscopy?

    Soon after the procedure, the patient can get back home without any difficulty but if the patient has been given general or local anesthesia then can be asked to wait for some time. For the few days after the procedure, the patient may feel cramping and even can have mild bleeding but doctors prescribe the painkillers or other medicines to cope up with pain and bleeding.

    Gas can also be a problem at least for 24hours after the procedure but soon it gets vanish automatically. After the procedure patients are asked to avoid sexual activities for at least 2 weeks to prevent any infection in the uterus. Some other special instructions are also given to the patient for after procedure care.

    Some patients also feel problems with anesthesia and can have an infection after the procedure but this can be prevented by taking preventive measures during the procedure.

    All in all, it is the quite safe procedure to know the internal issues that cause various problems for the patient like irregular and heavy bleeding and even the Hysteroscopy cost in India is reasonable to consult the specialist today if you are suffering due to heavy bleeding and cramping during the periods.

    Do You Have Any Questions?

    Questions on your mind, please feel free to ask them and we will help you in no time, indeed.