Motherhood is considered to be the best feeling and charming moment of women’s lives and even it is considered that this moment completes the women. During this journey of motherhood, women have to undergo various challenges and struggles one of which is to cope up with the severe labor pain.

This labor pain is so dreadful that some woman could not bear the pain and die while the childbirth and some who survived after the delivery then their survival is considered as their second birth. Some women to get escape from dread of labor pain chooses the c-section delivery rather than vaginal childbirth but now there s no need to choose c-section if you are able to give birth to child vaginally. Now it is possible to have painless delivery in India means you can enjoy motherhood without any agony or fear of labor pain.

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    What is Painless Delivery?

    Now the women during their pregnancy can choose the painless delivery center beforehand so that they can have their baby without bearing labor pains. For the painless delivery, a strong anesthesia is injected into the lower back of the intended mother. As the spinal cord nerves ensure the supply of blood in the pelvis and lower limbs so by injecting anesthesia into the spinal cord, pelvis and lower limbs get numbed so the patient does not feel any pain.
    As during the painless delivery, local anesthesia has been given to the patient so the intended mother can remain awake during the childbirth but does not feel any pain and discomfort.

    With painless delivery, the patient could see the process of childbirth and remain comfortable
    Along with the relief from the pain of delivery, the patient can get escape from the secretion of stress hormones
    Blood pressure could be controlled easily and even other complications can be prevented during the painless delivery
    With the painless delivery, duration of childbirth can be reduced.

    When to Choose Painless Delivery?

    • In the following cases, the doctor advises the intended mothers to have painless delivery
    • If the females have high BP problem and the medical conditions like preeclampsia
    • Even the patients with heart problems are also recommended for the painless delivery
    • If the patient has prior childbirth with C- section then for the next normal delivery, painless procedure is advised
    • If the female is having prolonged or complicated labor then painless delivery is advisable

    When Not to Choose Painless Delivery

    • Generally painless delivery is the suitable option for all intended mothers but in some cases, doctors do not give green signal to painless delivery such as
    • If the patient use to take a blood thinner like aspirin or heparin
    • If the patient is already suffering from bleeding disorders
    • If the patient had undergone the past lower back surgery
    • Even the patients with some neurological conditions are not recommended for painless delivery.

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