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Fallopian tubes are the meeting place for female eggs and the male sperms so if the way of this meeting place will be blocked then there will be no chances for the natural conception. But there is nothing to worry if your tubes are blocked as tubal cannulation treatment can help you to get rid of this condition.
Tubal cannulation is the safe procedure in which doctor can remove the blockage without making any cuts like the fallopian tube surgery.

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    Candidates for Tubal Cannulation

    Females with good health can go for this treatment but if you will visit Tubal Cannulation treatment center in Punjab then the senior surgeons can tell you whether this treatment can give you the ideal solution or not? Your doctor will tell you whether the treatment is right for you or not after some imaging tests and the physical examination.
    If the candidate is having the blockage in one or both of the tubes then this procedure can work for you but it is considered as the ideal option if the blockage of tubes is in the part near to the womb. In medical words, if you are having proximal tubal obstruction then you are the ideal candidate.
    But the procedure is not for you if you have extensive scarring in tubes, genital tuberculosis, had previous fallopian tube surgery, damage in the fallopian tube, distal blockage or even if you are having inflamed fallopian tubes then also this procedure is not ideal for you

    Tubal Cannulation Procedure

    It is the minimally invasive procedure of a few hours. For the procedure, the doctor may give anesthesia or even can give some sedatives for relaxation. The procedure is done in the following steps

    In the first step of the surgery, a tube called catheter is inserted through the vagina and this tube is guided over a wire
    To spot the correct position of blockage doctor use the ultrasound or real tie moving-ray
    In the final step blockage of the fallopian tube is opened by using the balloon on the catheter.

    Sometimes, before the tubal cannulation, the procedure called hysterosalpingography has been done in which the doctor flushes the dye through the catheter so that the exact location of the blockage can be located.
    It is the safe and effective procedure for the women with blocked tubes however the results may vary according to patient’s blockage and health.

    Potential Risks

    If the procedure has been done by the well-trained surgeon, then the potential risks associated with the procedure can be minimized otherwise patient may face the following complications during the procedure

    Some doctors get failed in assuring the working of fallopian tubes after surgery

    1. Tearing of Fallopian tube wall.
    2. There can be a risk of Peritonitis which is the life-threatening infection of tissue that covers the organs in the patient’s belly.

    All in all, it is the safe and effective procedure which helps the women to get pregnant after the surgery however the chances of pregnancy can vary according to the nature and extent of blockage but overall this treatment can give optimized results to the patients. So the women can get rid of blocked tubes with the surgery within their budget as the Tubal Cannulation cost in India is reasonable but the quality is not compromised at any cost.</>

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