Overview of Cystectomy for Bladder Cancer treatment

Bladder cancer is becoming a common issue in India due to many reasons including lifestyle, eating habits or some environmental factors that is why the popularity of Bladder Cancer Surgery is also increasing. Mostly Cystectomy is performed to treat the bladder cancer .let us have a brief overview of this procedure.

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    What is Cystectomy?

    It is the best way for Bladder Cancer Treatment as during this procedure surgically all or a partial part of the bladder is removed to stop the spreading of bladder cancer into the bladder wall.  There can following options in this procedure like

    Partial Cystectomy

    It is the surgery in which part of the bladder is removed and this procedure as preferred if the bladder cancer is not near to the openings through which the urine enters or leaves the bladder.

    Radical Cystectomy

    It is the surgery in which entre bladder of the patient is removed as the bladder wall, lymph nodes, part of urethra and other nearby organs contain the cancer cells so the entire bladder is removed during the Bladder Cancer treatment surgery.

    What is the Procedure?

    This procedure may vary in men and women as in men prostate, seminal vesicles and part of vas deferens are removed. In females’ cervix, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and even some part of the vagina are removed.

    During the surgical incision is made in the lower belly of the patient and it can be done through the laparoscopic surgery. Even it is the called as the band-aid surgery as small cuts are made during the surgery.  Then through the incision doctor puts the lighted tube or scope and the other required surgical tools then the required part is removed with the scope view.

    Even during the surgery new way for the urine pass and this can be done in several ways as per the choice of the doctor and depending on the type of surgery.

    What to expect after the Surgery?

    If you have chosen the right hospital for taking the Best Urinary Bladder Cancer Treatment in India then you would expect the safe surgery `with 7 days stay in the hospital. After the surgery, you may experience little discomfort for a few days but it is totally controllable with proper care, home treatment, and medicine. The patient may take 6-8 weeks to recover completely.

    If the patient is having an early stage of the tumors then after Cystectomy patient may need radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Even after the surgery, you need to visit the hospital as per scheduled checkups for best and preventive care.

    Is it Effective?

    It is the simple and effective procedure to treat the bladder cancer if cancer has spread to the muscle layer then radical Cystectomy is considered as the best and safe option to prevent the spreading and reoccurrence of cancer. Thus there will be nothing wrong in saying that it is the procedure that helps the people in living longer and healthy afterward.

    Do You Have Any Questions?

    Questions on your mind, please feel free to ask them and we will help you in no time, indeed.