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High Tech Lab Centre

Welcome to the state of the art centre which houses a multitude of facilities just for you. We provide various latest facilities which are used in assisted reproduction or otherwise. We help the patients and the infertile couples tide over the trauma of infertility. You will leave the clinic in a happy and satisfied state, we assure you.

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Facilities we provide

We are well equipped with the latest infrastructure and the following facilities are provided by us-

We provide ultrasonography scans for closely observing the internal organs and ensuring that they are functioning smoothly.

Level 1 and Level 2 scan
Level 1 ultrasound is less specific and less extensive. It takes a shorter time and the patient can undergo it at any stage of pregnancy. Level 2 scan is more extensive and gives the patient a specific view of the growing fetus.

3D/4D Scan
Scanning in 3D and 4D is readily available.

Fetal Echocardiography
A detailed Echocardiography of the fetus is also available. It is helpful in knowing the fetus’ heart rate.

Color Doppler
It is an intensive ultrasound which checks if there are any problems in the blood flow, detection of clots and blockages in the arteries.

It is a technique used to detect breast cancer. It reveals any abnormal growth or tumors in the breast area.

It is a new technique which is used for disease detection, especially in the internal organs.

Digital X-Ray

This is an improvement over the conventional x-ray. It provides the image with digital clarity, overruling any chances of over or under exposure.


These are special x-rays which are meant specifically for the lower face, jaws and teeth area. It is used in the detection of dental and oral problems.


The cardiac testing service is also provided by us. It is used to determine whether the heart is functioning properly or not using electrical impulses.

Computerised Lab Investigations

We also provide accurate and exact lab investigations as they are carried out on a fully computerized scale.

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