PESA refers for percutaneous epididymis sperm aspiration. It is the treatment for the men who have the absence of sperm in ejaculation. It is the best option for the males who are suffering from Azoospermia means the blockage of the tube that hinder the passage of sperm in ejaculation.

Here at GMC PESA center in Moga, we perform surgically retrieval of sperm to coincide it with egg retrieval of the female partner during IVF procedure for optimized results.

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    How PESA works?

    To understand the working of this surgical retrieval of sperms, it is important to understand the anatomy of the male testicle. The male testicle is connected with the epididymis which further is connected to vas deferens.
    Vas deferens works like the duct that passes the sperms to the ejaculatory ducts and urethra. When this transportation medium gets blocked then sperm could not reach up to the ejaculation ducts so normal conception becomes impossible for the couple. Then the PESA technique can help the couple in conceiving as the sperms retrieved by this technique are used in the IVF procedure.


    What is PESA procedure?

    It is the procedure of a few minutes so can be performed clinically; there is no need of hospitalization. This outpatient procedure is performed under the local anesthesia or sometimes with short intravenous sedation.

    During the procedure, the very thin needle is used to extract the sperms from the epididymis. This method can be used for any sperm diagnosis and even can be combined with IVF to ensure fertilization with even low sperm count.

    Success rates for this procedure are similar to other surgical sperm extraction procedures like TESA but this method is painless and patients do not feel pain or discomfort even after the procedure like TESA. Moreover, PESA cost in India is also quite negligible so patients choose this method to come out from their infertility and live their dreams of their own family.

    Candidates for PESA

    PESA treatment in Punjab is considered as the part of reproductive treatments like IVF, ICSI means this procedure can be combined with the IVF procedure and even with ICSI. This surgical procedure of sperm extraction can be the best option for the patients who have the absence of sperms in ejaculation and they are planning for their family.

    Couples who are disappointed due to male factor infertility and want their own baby they can choose this procedure combined with IVF so that the surgical extraction of sperms can ensure the fertilization of the eggs outside the body.

    Moreover, patients who have blockage of epididymis can also choose this procedure to get the sufficient sperm to penetrate the eggs for successful conception out from the body.

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