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PCOS is a disorder so many women are afflicted with in the modern times. Some years ago, we barely heard about it, but suddenly it seems very common. PCOS problem in females seems to be quite common. This disease affects the ovaries of the woman. While a normal ovary has a surface devoid of any cysts, an ovary with PCOS has an accumulation of various small collections of fluid on its surface. As a result, the ovaries fail to release eggs on a regular basis. The symptoms manifest in the form of delayed, irregular or prolonged periods. The cause of the disease is yet to be detected but the treatment is available in the form of surgery along with weight loss. If left untreated, it affects the reproductive system of the woman and she will not be able to conceive. Long-term negligence might lead to type – 2 diabetes and deterioration of cardiac health. PCOS treatment in India is available at various clinics.

A close look at PCOS

PCOS symptoms can be felt at the onslaught of puberty but sometimes symptoms show up at a later stage or with weight gain. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you might be down with PCOS:-

  • Excess Facial Hair-If androgen levels are high in your body, you will experience excessive facial hair growth. You might also experience male pattern baldness and attacks of severe acne.
  • Irregular periods –This is the primary symptom of PCOS. Periods might range from being heavy, or too frequent or too few.
  • Enlarged ovaries-Your ovaries might be enlarged and have numerous follicles surrounding the eggs.

The aftermath of PCOS

PCOS might lead to

  1. Infertility
  2. Hypertension or Gestational diabetes
  3. Premature delivery or miscarriage
  4. Severe inflammation in the liver
  5. A clubbed form of hypertension, elevated sugar levels, and cholesterol levels.
  6. Pre-diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes.
  7. Sleep Apnoea

When to Seek Medical help

If you experience one or more above symptoms, its time to see a doctor. PCOS treatment centre in Moga is well equipped to treat PCOS. While the exact causes are not known, some factors have been identified-

Overproduction of Insulin

Body might start producing excessive insulin to control elevated sugar levels. This stimulates androgen production and creates problems in successful conception.

Slight Inflammation

Women experience slight inflammation which can lead to cardiac problems.


If it runs in the family, you might be susceptible.

Overproduction of Androgen

If the body is producing androgen in excessive amounts, you might end up with PCOS.

Work out the financial details

PCOS treatment cost in Punjab is a variant factor and depends on the clinic chosen. It is best to conduct a thorough research before settling down for a suitable option.

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