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2.5 Kg Fibroid Removed by Dr. Meenakshi Goyal With Laparoscopy Procedure at G.C.R Memorial Hospital

What is Laparoscopy?

In order to examine the organs inside abdomen, this surgical method called Laparoscopy is performed in order to carry out low risk surgeries and the procedures which require small incisions.

In Laparoscopy in order to perform the surgery an instrument called a laparoscope is used.


This surgical instrument is inserted through an incision in the abdominal wall and the images from inside the abdomen are shown through a monitor. This is a highly used instrument to see inside without an open surgery.

For Which Purposes laparoscopy is performed?

Lapaoroscopy can be used to detect:

  • an abdominal mass or tumor
  • fluid in the abdominal cavity
  • liver disease
  • the effectiveness of certain treatments
  • the degree to which a particular cancer has progressed

Our Team lead by Dr. Meenakshi Goyal At G.C.R Memorial Hospital provide laparoscopy Surgery For the removal of Any Size Of Fibroid, Cyst Or Uterus.

Here are some images *These images can be sensitive To Some People*

Happy Patients After Laparoscopy Surgery At G.C.R Memorial Hospital With Dr. Meenakshi Goyal

Team of Doctors At G.C.R Memorial Hospital Along With Dr. Meenakshi Goyal

At G.C.R Memorial Hospital Laparoscopy Surgery is performed by Dr. Meenakshi Goyal with perfect care without any spinal injection or blood loss. The patient can discharge within 24 hours after the surgery if he wants to.

If you are facing any problem like abdominal mass, Fluid in The abdominal cavity or fibroid call us or contact us through our website or visit our hospital.