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Hats Off To All The Women Who Are Working During The Pregnancy

We women of Punjab are undoubtedly brave enough to handle the work and the baby simultaneously. Do not take it a dart at your bravery. But the question is, despite your stabilized body, should you be working during the pregnancy?

You are a Punjabi Women, Who can stop you from working during pregnancy, But My dear, you need to have full knowledge about how you should battle the worst symptoms ‘which you may experience while working during pregnancy.

Hey, Baby There!

Do not Bother your mother a lot as she is going to work as well. Have some pity on her.

I hope you have conveyed my message to your baby.

You May Feel Nauseous

Be it a Natural pregnancy or the one which you have conceived in the IVF Centres and not at your bed, you are definite to suffer from nausea or vomiting drawing symptoms. It is called morning sickness.

To make sure it is not preventing the people from sitting far from you scared of the possibility that you might puke at them, snack often. It will keep the nauseous feeling and vomiting in absolute control.


Have Ginger tea twice a day.

Do Not Exert Yourself Too Much

It is quite natural and obvious for you to feel a little extra tiredness as your body is getting used to the changes happening due to the pregnancy.

If you do not want your work to suffer because of tiredness then eat the following:

    • Eat iron and protein enriched food.
    • Do not try to do the whole work in one go. Try to take some short breaks.
    • Drink a lot of water and other kinds of fluids.
    • Try to lessen your load. Like instead of going to the market by yourself, you can do online shopping.
    • Do not miss even a day for obtaining benefits from your fitness routine.

Go To Bed Early

I know, the night is the only time when you can spend time with the family. If you rest on the left side, then your blood flow will get maximised and your baby will face no problem in getting the nutritional elements. If you want to be comfortable, then make sure you are placing pillows under your belly.


Staying Comfortable

As time progresses the discomfort may rise and even the everyday activities may become difficult to carry out. In that case, it is suggested to take those breaks which help you to feel comfortable.


You can make use of an adjustable chair that has a good lower back. With the help of this, you can sit comfortably for prolonged hours.


If you are having a standing job, then make sure you put one of your feet on a footrest, lower stool or something supportive. Keep on switching the feet. You can consider wearing support or the compression hose.


Bending And Lifting

When you need to bend, then make sure you are bending your knees and not your waist.