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Husbands, Support Your Wife During Pregnancy…She needs You!

First of all, heartiest congratulations to all the couples whose IVF journey has ended on a good note. Though the IVF experts are your well-wishers who want to see you coming out of that distress, I know every time you are visiting the Best IVF Centre in Punjab, you feel anxious and feel huge stress about what will happen.

But, my dear PP (Prettily Pregnant) Woman, all those bad things have come to a worthwhile end. Now it’s time to enjoy your pregnancy.

Hey, Hey, Where are you going?

Yes, Dear husband of that pretty pregnant woman, this article is for you.

YES, for you!

Pregnancy can be the most beautiful or the toughest time in a woman’s life. But what exactly decides about it? ‘YOU’ (Husband)

If you support, pamper, love and care for your wife, she will never forget this period of her life. On the other hand, if you are conservative enough to think of pregnancy as a female’s thing, then it’s high time to change your perspective.

I know it is a new experience for you as well. But why worry, when we are here with you.

Tips for the Best Daddy-To-Be to become a GOOD husband to your PREGNANT WIFE:

  • Get enough knowledge and information

Fertility experts of the Best IVF Centre in Punjab said, “Pregnancy is a learning period”. You will unfold the unknown aspects about ‘how a woman’s body changes?’

From her clothes to her stool passing habits, you must know everything.

  • Try to help her with her morning sickness

Nothing can tire a pregnant woman more than morning sickness. Being a wife, she wants her husband to help her get through it, Make her feel comfortable.

  • Be Cooperative with her mood swings & emotional struggles

It is the time when a girl undergoes giant and unexpected mood swings. She may also find herself stuck in an emotional struggle. She wants you to be with her. Don’t be so busy with your work that you can not have time for your wife,

  • Love her, Caress Her

She wants your love. That’s it!

Those hugs, kisses, gentle touches, massages, and dirty talks are what she will be missing.

  • My sympathy is with you!

It’s going to be a patient and tough period for you since you have to control your sexual urges. Though Sex during pregnancy is not strictly prohibited. But it is a subjective matter.

  • Make Your Wife a Boss

During pregnancy, every wife acts bossy.

  • She may ask you to cancel your informal meetings.

  • She may stubbornly stop you from going to the office.

  • She will turn something different. Here comes your patience and flexibility level.

  • Do not let her cook alone

Pregnant women do not feel like cooking during pregnancy. It is because of the smell of certain ingredients. Apart from that, pregnant women feel tired more often. So husbands, roll your sleeves up, sharpen your knives, wear that chefs’ cap and start cooking with her.

Final Comments!

Though a woman’s role during pregnancy is more than a male, it is not only a wife’s thing. It demands both the mates to act as a team. Since a wife is going through a lot: Mood swings, weight gain, swelling, morning sickness, and a lot more. So a husband’s role is demanded the most.