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IVF Treatment and Hair Loss: How is it related and how to manage it?

Have you been told ‘You Are Pregnant?’

No doubt it is a joy to know that finally, after undergoing the infertility treatment & trying for a long time, everything is going in the right direction. 

But, is there one concern factor among the patients undergoing infertility treatment at one of the IVF centre in Moga. Do you know what it is?

Here I am pointing towards hair loss and IVF treatment. Does this condition occur because of one another? When you plan to get IVF treatment, it can result in hair loss. But, ‘WHY?’

Change in hormonal level 

One of the common reasons behind hair loss is getting IVF Treatment which occurs when the hormones are manipulated. IVF is the medical treatment when sperm and egg are fertilized outside the woman’s body in a controlled environment. There may be direct or indirect factors that can trigger hair loss in women, but it indeed happens. The scenario demands taking the proper measures and that too on time so that the condition does not worsen. 

Usually, diffuse hair thinning is noticed in women & there are even no noticeable bald spots on the scalp. Make sure that you consult the doctor in the initial place to understand better what measures have to be taken. 

Are you looking for a permanent solution for hair loss?

With the treatment of hair transplant in Kakinada, your condition can be well-managed. At Dr. C. Vijay Kumar Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant Center you will be given the treatment only after diagnosing the issue. 

Are there any other factors that can cause hair loss?

Undergoing IVF treatment can lead to Alopecia Areata. This condition is an autoimmune problem that leads to bald patches on the scalp. Pregnancy & hormonal changes are simply factors that can create problems. Initially, when the pain is not severe, you will be suggested minoxidil. 

Female pattern hair loss

Hair loss, as genetic is likely to trigger when hormones are not balanced in the body. The hair loss can be in the form of hair thinning. Although, the best part is that the condition is treatable and if you notice this condition, then consult the medical expert to get an effective solution.           

Is your hair loss getting severe?

Through the treatment of hair transplant in Punjab, your hair health is transformed. At Profile Forte, the experienced hair restoration surgeon will be there to guide you better throughout the entire journey and give you a solution that is right for you in all ways. 

Can underlying deficiency be the reason for hair loss?

There are some cases when hair loss is not due to IVF as the reason can be something else. Hair loss can be due to the metabolic, hormonal imbalance or if there is a nutrition deficiency occurring in the body. If the body cannot support hair growth, then there are high chances the necessary changes are noticed in the body.