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IVF & ICSI: Fertility treatment options with an increased chance of pregnancy

This article is the story of a couple who was struggling to conceive for the last 6 years. Their journey of conception made them think of the joy of hearing, ‘Congratulations, ‘You Are Pregnant!’ They were waiting to hear these words but after all the efforts and even going to those ‘Fake Babas’ they thought it’s better to close this chapter for a lifetime.

But, you know what, ‘Where there is a will there’s a way. Janki and Parth, one of the family, knew one of the well-reputed fertility doctors at one of the Best IVF Centre in Punjab. After being forced by their loved ones they thought of giving one more try.

So, ‘What happened next?’

Visit the best IVF centre & get the problem diagnosed

Janki & Parth scheduled their initial consultation with the doctor. During the initial evaluation, it came to sight that both Parth & Janki were struggling with infertility. Parth was diagnosed with an extremely low sperm count and Janki was diagnosed with PCOS and even blockage in one of the fertility tubes.

So, Does it mean there is NO hope for them?

WAIT! The best thing is about to happen…The magic of infertility treatment which they didn’t think to give a try even once.

Customized the treatment plan: IVF with ICSI

Considering the entire situation the fertility expert suggested they get IVF with ICSI Treatment in Punjab. Both of them have heard about IVF but were a little scared as they did not know what would happen next.

But, things are easily managed and the journey will go with as much ease as possible when you have an experienced fertility doctor by your side. And the same happened with Janki and Parth. During the initial consultation, the doctor guided them in detail about the IVF treatment along with ICSI.

Little details

IVF is used along with ICSI when the male infertility factor is there. ICSI procedure allows the sperm to be injected directly into the egg and then the process is the same as IVF.

2-Round of IVF Cycle

As Parth was 40 and Janki was 38, their fertility expert told them it might take 2 rounds as with age the reproductive health declines a lot. At first, it raised some questions in their mind but Janki had an instinct that things might turn out the way they want them to be. Well! That is what happened. Their first round of IVF was not successful so after the necessary time, the doctor again suggested another round.

Congratulations, ‘You Are Pregnant!’

After 7 long years, Parth and Janki got to hear these words. When Dr. Meenakshi Goyal broke the news to them that their happiness knew no bounds. Indeed! It was such a delight to experience this moment.

So, if you are struggling to get pregnant or you have lost your hope to conceive, you still have options available for you. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Meenakshi Goyal to plan for your pregnancy journey through the best infertility treatment.