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Ovulation: Everything you need to know about the ovulation cycle and test

If you have decided to have a baby, then you might be wondering, ‘How to track ovulation?’ The chances of conception are higher when the woman is ovulating. Therefore, it becomes important to understand the ovulation cycles, determine the fertility window, and understand what tests can be done to improve the chances of conception. What […]

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What are the top things which you will learn while battling infertility?

One of our patients named Ritu was diagnosed with a single-gene genetic disorder. It was a degenerative neurological condition that can prove fatal for their children. The odds of such cases are ‘One in a Million. When the patient visited our IVF centre in Punjab, the couple had undergone a detailed diagnosis to determine what […]

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What is the importance of three full cycles of In-vitro-fertilization?

It is normal for infertile couples to seek medical care after trying to conceive naturally for almost one to two years. The couple can experience fertility due to many reasons like stress, injury, medications, and more. But if they will leave untreated, then there are chances that you might experience depression, stress, and much more. […]

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