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What is the importance of three full cycles of In-vitro-fertilization?

It is normal for infertile couples to seek medical care after trying to conceive naturally for almost one to two years. The couple can experience fertility due to many reasons like stress, injury, medications, and more. But if they will leave untreated, then there are chances that you might experience depression, stress, and much more. […]

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Which is the right time to consult the fertility specialist to get good news?

It is observed that nowadays couples are experiencing problems in conceiving naturally. In fact, doctors advise couples to try to conceive in their 20s & early 30s for a healthy pregnancy. If you are not getting pregnant after trying really hard then you should consult a fertility specialist in the IVF centre in Punjab. The […]

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What are the steps involved in in-vitro-fertilization treatment in Punjab?

What is IVF? IVF stands for in-vitro-fertilization. In this, the fertility expert will collect the eggs from the female partner and sperm from the male partner. Then she will fertilize in the lab. After the formation of embryos, the fertility expert will transfer it into the uterus of the woman.  If you are looking for […]

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