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What are the different steps which are included in the IVF procedure?

After going through all the tests, screening, your individualized treatment plan is developed. Now! You are ready to start your IVF cycle at the best IVF Centre in Punjab. From your end, it is important that you carefully follow the pregnancy plan given by the doctor. At our fertility clinic in MogaGian Chand Rangwala Memorial Hospital and Asha Test Tube Baby Centre, the patients are given in-depth information about the IVF cycle and what is included in each step. In this blog, we have mentioned all the possible steps included in the IVF cycle.

Total Time IVF Cycle Takes

3 weeks

Step by step of IVF treatment

  • Prescribing the oral contraceptive pills

At the start of the IVF cycle, the patients are given oral contraceptives. Through these contraceptives, the chances of having ovarian cysts are reduced and your ovaries will respond better to ovarian stimulation. For optimal follicle growth, it is an important step.

  • Starting with a baseline ultrasound

When it is time for your menstrual cycle, the doctor is going to perform a transvaginal ultrasound to check the ovaries. It will be checked that your ovaries are not producing eggs at that time and serum estradiol level is checked. In case there’s a cyst then accordingly you will be given the treatment. Although, it resolves within one week.

  • Medications to stimulate ovaries

If you are being given ovarian stimulation then the ovaries will have fullness and there is a certain reaction. Depending on your current state, you will suggest the following:

  • GnRH-AGONISTS (e.g. Lupron)
  • GnRH ANTAGONISTS (e.g. Ganirelix, Cetrotide)
  • Gonadotropins (e.g. Follistim, Gonal-f, menopur, repronex, bravelle)
  • Careful monitoring of your health

Your health is continuously being checked through hormone measurement and ultrasounds. Every 1 to 3 days, you need to visit the clinic to take better account of the growth of your follicles. In case, something does not seem to be fine then the doctor will change the treatment plan accordingly. All in all, depending on your current state you will be told how frequently you need to visit the clinic.

  • Egg retrieval

36 hours after you are given the HCG injection you need to visit the clinic. During oocyte or egg retrieval the healthy eggs are taken out from the ovaries. The procedure is done under IV anesthetic and you will feel extremely comfortable.

Just make sure before the procedure you do not drink or eat anything. In total it takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Fertilization process

The doctor will ask your partner to give the sperm sample or if there is an issue then the option of a sperm donor is suggested. In the petri dish and a controlled environment, sperm & egg are kept together so that fertilization happens.

  • Embryo transfer

The procedure of embryo transfer is performed 3 to 5 days after the egg retrieval. The doctor is going to perform the embryo transfer through the abdominal ultrasound.

If you talk about the total number of embryo transfers then the doctor will make that decision by considering different factors which are embryo quality, the prevalence of pregnancies, age, and having undergone embryo transfer earlier. If there are more than 1 quality embryo then the doctor will ask you to get them frozen for future use.

  • Pregnancy test

A pregnancy test is done after a 2 weeks wait. If you have bleeding following embryo transfer then don’t think the IVF cycle is unsuccessful. hCG level (pregnancy test) is done to confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

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It might seem a lot in the first place but when you consult the best fertility doctor and do as your doctor tells you & you get your loved ones support the IVF cycle will go with ease.