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What is the success rate of IVF procedures at GCR Memorial Hospital?

Did you know?

GCR Memorial Hospital has spent a good 30 years in the service of childless couples. Their painstaking research and effective treatment approach have filled the lives of lakhs of couples with those joys and those sweet little cries.


It was because of IVF

IVF is one of the blessings in disguise for childless people. The perpetual booming success rates have resulted in the people curbing their fear of visiting an IVF centre in Punjab.

GCR Memorial Hospital is one of the best fertility clinics in Moga which is acclaimed for performing each step of the IVF with the utmost precision. This is one of the reasons for the giant popularity of this clinic among the couples looking for a light of hope in their disappointing lives.

What is an IVF procedure?

It is one of the ART procedures which forms the embryo with manual efforts. The eggs are retrieved from the female’s body after stimulating the same. Then the male partner is asked to give a sample of his sperms. From that sample, the best-chosen sperm are extracted and are injected into the eggs for fertilisation.

When the embryo will be formed. For the good 5 days, it will be under observation by the fertility specialist. They will judge the traits of the former embryo and ascertain whether it is fit to be implanted in the uterus for carrying out the delivery.

Which are the determinants of the success rate of the procedure?

There are certain kinds of factors based on which the success rate of the procedure is determined:

  • Age of the female
  • Total time for which infertility has suffered
  • Particular kind of the infertility
  • Cause of the infertility
  • Quality of the following elements:
  • Sperms
  • Eggs
  • Embryo
  • The development of the endometrium

Did you know?

Considering the above-mentioned factor, the IVF procedure emerges out to be 30 to 35% successful in India.


At GCR Memorial Hospital the success rate is 100%?

You might be wondering ‘How’, right?

It is because of our approach of ‘Leaving No Stone Unturned’. No doubt, how progressed has infertility become, we always make sure that we try out each possible treatment.

  • Structural or functional problems

In case, either of the mating partner intending to be three biological parents of the child to be born is having any structural or functional problem regarding the reproductive organs, then our first approach is always medicinal. Then we consider the surgical intervention which usually procedure the desired results.

  • Deteriorated or the sperms eggs

Sometimes, it happens that after several attempts to improve the quality and the quantity of the eggs and sperms, they are not showing the desired results. Then, in that case, either the donated eggs or the donated sperms are used.

  • Gestational problems

Other times, it is the weakened uterus that does not let the woman nourish the baby in her womb. Then, in that case, we make sure that we provide the couple with the women who are ready to nourish the baby made with the sperms and the eggs of the parents-to-be.