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In which conditions IVF is opted as the fertility treatment option?

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Societal notions

There are many societal notions according to which it is the females only that suffer from infertility and that they are the only ones who need to go through IVF or any other kind of fertility treatment. But it is not so. Both the males and the females are prone to go through the menace of fertility and so holding only one of the mating partners responsible for this is not an option.

Is IVF only the solution to male infertility?

No, Not at all, If any other treatment is showing effect then it is the IVF only which will be thought of as the last resort.

For example: If a person is down with low testosterone levels, then the doctors may aim at balancing the levels with the help of either of the following:

  • Clomid
  • Fertility Shots

What if the quality of the sperms is completely fine but the count is low?

In that case, it is the IUI method that is considered the most effective. IN this method, the specially chosen sperms are directly injected into the eggs of the females for fertilization. The method or the technique can work as the trigger for the pregnancy.

What if the anatomical abnormalities are disturbing the conception process?

In that case, the reproductive system is to be evaluated with the help of urologists. These are the specialists in treating the structural and functional problems of the reproductive tract. These species sometimes work in collaboration with fertility specialists to know which kind of treatment is necessary.

If the sperm count is extremely low that the IUI treatment can’t be supported in that case it will be the IVF only which will be treated as the best treatment option.

Which other situations are considered conducive to treat male infertility with IVF?

As we know, the doctor will, first of all, take the analysis of the semen, if it shows the concentration of sperm is low then no other treatment option other than IVF will be considered as the best.

If there are multiple factors responsible for infertility:

  • Low Sperm Count
  • Difficulty in ovulation cycles
  • If the age of the women has progressed to the next stage

If the sperms are showing poor motility, then none other option other than IVF will be the best option for that.

In the case of low sperm counts, it is always IVF that helps to make the eggs fertilised.