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How To Stimulate The Eggs To Have Better Characteristics Naturally?

According to the fertility experts, “When a couple visits an IVF Centre in Punjab for the initial consultation, the total amount of the eggs the female has left is prioritized. The female’s reproductive capabilities are dictated by the egg quality. The quality of the eggs is only high when a female is below 30 years old. After that, the quality of the egg, as well as the reproductive qualities, starts to decline.”

Did you know?

There is a qualitative test that measures how many eggs are left which is known as Anti-Mullerian Hormone. But there has been no such test that could determine the quality of the eggs.

Here are some of the points with the help of which you can improve the quality of your eggs:

Enhance the flow of blood

The gynaecologist practising in the fertility clinic in Moga is of the view that there is a high need to make the oxygen-rich blood flow to the ovaries. The improvement in the blood flow can be experienced if the individual is drinking plenty of water. By plenty, we mean about 6 to 8 glasses of water.

Apart from that exercise is also necessary to make sure that the blood is getting optimally circulated.


Switch to the healthy diet

It is the overall health that will ensure whether your eggs are healthy or not. One of the determinants of overall health is the dietary schedule. The diet plan should be improved. There should be an inclusion of so many healthy items in that.

Do not forget the fertility supplements

It is suggested that only those supplements are to be used which are both based on the research and are clinically proven. This is the main reason that we always suggest consulting highly qualified doctors or gynaecologists when it is about choosing the supplement to enhance both the reproductive capabilities and the qualitative traits of the eggs.

No smoking

All the studies conducted to find out the effect of smoking on eggs have come out to be showing an extensively negative impact on smoking.

Maintain a healthy weight

If the individual is having a BMI of either 25 to 29.9, then I am signifying that you are overweight. Both the conditions of being overweight and ‘not being overweight are the ones that play a negative role in bringing out the required characteristics in the eggs to be used for the fertilisation process.


With the stress, those hormones get produced which not only affects the quality of the eggs but also hinders the production of the eggs. So it is not only the responsibility of the females to opt up for the measures that destress them but all the family members should leave no stone unturned to keep the female happy and stay away from the stress forever.

Final Comments!

Here also, it signifies that if the female maintains a healthy lifestyle, then the quality of her eggs keeps on getting better. So the couple planning to have a baby should start intaking a nutritious and balanced diet 1 year before planning the baby. Apart from that, regular yoga and exercise can also help a lot.