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Does sleeping impacts infertility? Which sleeping pattern should you follow?

We Agree that the regular changes in the lifestyle are increasing your responsibilities being a working woman, a wife and a daughter-in-law, that you do not have even time to poop calmly. But, my dear, if you are trying to conceive then you have to give some time to yourself.

How would you do that?

By Sleeping Sound”

Even if you are visiting an IVF Centre in Punjab for taking up the fertility treatment, then the doctor will try to get to the root cause of the fertility by asking a simple question in first place –

How many hours of sleep do you take regularly and whether it is sound or not?’

But Why Do they ask so?

Because your sleeping patterns affect your chances to conceive.

Our today’s blog is going to be about –

Reasons Of Why Should A Woman Sleep?’

Sleeping Patterns stimulates the hormones

According to the fertility specialists of the best fertility clinic in Moga, “If a woman is not getting enough sleep, then It is not not only her mood & productivity that gets impacted negatively, but also her fertility hormones including – Estrogen, Leptin & FSH also undergo a negative impact linked with her reproductive capabilities.”

Blue Light Pollution

The blue light which is emitted by the gadgets suppresses the amount of melatonin produced by the body. The blue light is no doubt accountable for affecting your sleep and it may be possible that you only sleep for 4 to 5 hours owing to excessive mobile usage. But harms the newly produced eggs, as well as melatonin, which is one of the hormones that protect the eggs produced during ovulation.

The night shift is known as the ‘Infertility shift’

This is one of the emphasizing or convincing points of – ‘Do sleeping patterns affect infertility?’

If that would have not been so, then the night shift would never have gained the reputation of being called the infertility shift.

The women who are working on the night shifts are known to be suffering from infertility considerably more as compared to the ones who work on the day shifts.

Do not compromise with your sleep especially during IVF

Since IVF is the last resort infertility coping procedure, you should do nothing wrong during that. It is suggested not to compromise with the sleeping cycles in any way as the lowered estrogen and melatonin levels will affect the outcomes of the procedure.

Final Comments!

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