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What are the topmost advantages of IVF treatment for infertile couples?

Make sure you visit the best IVF centre in Punjab to get a better understanding of how the treatment plan will work for you. In this article, we are going to mention the top advantages of IVF treatment for infertile couples.

  • IVF works when other options fail

IVF is the ideal choice when other infertility treatments do not work the way a couple wants. There is a range of fertility treatments that might help the couple to conceive but always they work for everyone. Moreover, the type of infertility issue you have will also determine what type of treatment is needed. The IVF doctor can suggest you right away the option of IVF so that your time is not wasted and success chances are increased rapidly. When the patient is diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes, reduced ovarian reserve, severe male infertility, or advanced maternal age, then IVF is the first choice.

  • Anyone can choose the treatment

There is no restriction for anyone to use IVF treatment. With this treatment option, many people can become parents and experience the joy of pregnancy. Couples of same-sex, woman who is not able to carry full-term pregnancy or single women are the few options which can benefit from the treatment.

  • Use of donated eggs or sperm

In some cases, the need for donated eggs or sperm is needed. This means eggs are fertilized manually in the lab which results in the embryo and then used for IVF which helps to improve the conception chances.

  • Better control on Timing

Many couples prefer to focus on their career first and then become parents. In that situation, IVF treatment can give them better control. This means eggs and embryos can be frozen which will be used in the future. Control the doctor whether your fertile window is ticking time so that you can choose the option of egg or embryo freezing.

  • Increase the chances of having a healthy baby

Genetic screening is the best technology that helps the baby to be born healthy. With the option of PGT, it can be checked that fetuses used during the treatment are free from genetic markers. There are many life-threatening conditions like cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, Down syndrome, and Tay Sachs disease that can cause problems. If there is a family history of the problem then the doctor can do the test to make sure there is no such issue.

  • Reduced chances of miscarriage

The most common cause of miscarriage is the genetic abnormality which can cause the body to terminate the pregnancy naturally. Your doctor will give you a customized treatment plan as per your condition which improves the conception chances.

For more information, book your consultation with the doctor and she can guide on how to plan for the treatment for increased success chances.