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Are There Any Symptoms In Pregnancy Which I Might Not Know?

In case you know that you will be very soon getting pregnant, but don’t have the usual symptoms, of Swollen breasts, morning sickness, or food cravings, but your body acts in a very strange manner, please don’t get worried. Show it to a doctor, if you must. But, also look for these signs, which area sure shot indications of getting pregnant.

A list of some of the most amazing symptoms, which you might have never heard of before:

  • Visit The Washroom More Than Before

You keep having a feeling of peeing more than anyone else, and this starts mostly when you are 7 weeks pregnant, and you visit the washroom all the more when you have a missed period.

  • Emotions Going Here And There

You yourself will be surprised at how you have started giving responses to different things. Maybe a thing which didn’t matter to you before having the little one in you, now make you angry or emotional. Such feelings are very difficult to express, because your mil will bluntly say,” even we have gone through this period and never have we reacted in such a way”, no doubt how understanding a husband has been to you, but these things even they don’t understand, and neither do the doctors, feel the need to explain to their patients.

  • Constipation

Mom’s to be can be suffering from constipation, also. The pregnancy hormones can slow down the digestion process, hence affecting the digestive system. You can have more foods which have fibre in it, along with water, it could be coconut water, lime soda, or anything which, make you feel better.

  • Waking Up Hot

You may also feel quite warm for around 2- 3 weeks while waking up in the morning. Your temperature could rise, if it remains the same for some time, then it could indicate that you are pregnant.

  • Dizziness

It is not uncommon to see women suffering from dizziness and lightheadedness. This happens because the blood pressure starts dropping down and blood vessels cause this kind of feeling.

  • Shooting Pain

It is difficult to find out the real cause of shooting pain, it could either be due to menses or the fertilization process, where the embryo is separating and ready to grow. Spotting is also a sign of fertilization bleeding.

Normal Pregnancy

We have seen the strange symptoms of pregnancy, now let us have a look at normal pregnancy, are the indication of normal pregnancy different from that of what we have seen. Let us quickly go through them

In case you have missed out period, it does not mean that you are ready for fertilization or that you are pregnant, because missing a period has many more meanings attached to it.

Bloating is also, sometimes taken as being pregnant but, this is not the case, in reality, bloating can also occur to women who are going to have menses.

Breasts which are painful, are an indication that hormones are changing. Which means you have been doing, horse riding, or some other sort of exercise, involving breasts muscles.

In the least cases that you do not experience any of these symptoms, it means you are not ready for conception, so it is time for you to go and visit an IVF Centre for getting IVF Treatment.