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Avoid Surgery For Fibroids With Natural Treatment

What is meant by Uterine Fibroids?

The growths in one of the reproductive organ or uterus are called Uterine fibroids. They do not pose any danger to the person having, but can surely cause health issues.

The size can be either very small or big, they can be either one or many of them can also be there.

The symptoms totally depend upon the size, location, and a number of fibroids. The women having this feels these things in her body:

  • Menstrual cycles which last longer than they should.
  • Heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle
  • Pain in the pelvic region
  • Constant leg pain or a backache
  • Urge to use the washroom, frequently
  • Constipation issues and lastly
  • Having difficulty in getting pregnant

The natural treatment of fibroids

Most fibroids are shown to be grown slowly. Many times they reduce in size on their own, especially post-menopause. It is most often treated at home, the natural treatment of fibroids consists of doing the following:

Weight loss

One of the studies done has revealed that excess weight increases the chances of having uterine fibroids. This can happen due to the fat cells which produce a high amount of estrogen levels. Losing weight can help in preventing or reducing the size of the fibroids.


The diet that you consume is also a very important factor in treating fibroids. The right type of nutrition can help keep a healthy weight and also reduce the risk of having fibroids.

Vitamins and supplements

Dairy products like milk and its products are great in reducing fibroids. Dairy products are enriched with calcium, magnesium along with phosphorus.

Vitamins can be easily found in food and supplements.


Herbs are nothing but strong medicines taken to reduce the effect of fibroids.

Green tea

Green tea bioflavonoid called ECCG which helps to reduce both size and number of fibroids?


Chasteberry also called Vitex, is used in heavy menstrual bleeding, very painful menstrual cycles. It helps in balancing hormone related issues

Senna, castor oil, Isphagula husk

All the herbs are used as lenitives. These can be added to water or juice for treating issues related to a bowel movement.