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Do you want to get complete information on certain IVF Myths and Facts?

Most experts are going to tell you IVF stories, just don’t trust anyone. Many people have a kid and they feel it is best to step out to find the correct support despite attempting spontaneously for a while. Here at our IVF center in Punjab, High-tech IVF treatment is an excellent resource for many couples who try to conceive of it. IVF is not a miraculous instant phenomenon. 

Myth: Expense of IVF, it’s too expensive.

Fact: Indian IVF treatment is much cheaper than any other country.

Due to the increasing infertility problems, affordable IVF treatment is necessary. Throughout India, IVF rates are manageable and cost-effective. The IVF performance rate in India is one of the world’s highest, based on the skills and the availability of the new technologies, according to the recent results. However though the total statistics available in the individual hospitals and clinics to precisely represent the performance of the IVF in India, the world average is projected to be between 60 – 70% and 40% – 50%.

Myth: IVF means that you are going to have multiple births.

Fact: IVF does not guarantee twins or triplets automatically.

IVF treatment is designed to improve the chances of a person getting pregnant with a fertilized egg or embryos. Don’t give in to this idea that if you have done IVF to help you get pregnant, you can eventually get multiple children in one go. Twin or triplet is more common than normal, although most women who seek IVF care have one baby. It is up to your choice, if you want to conceive twins, you can talk to your doctor, he can transfer embryos accordingly.

Myth: IVF children are separate children

Fact: That infant is special irrespective of how he is conceived

That’s not real. The strangest theories come up from men, don’t you believe? The personality of a child is unique and innate, and the conceptual method in no way affects it. The main difference between the two is their birth. Rest, it’s nothing else. Indeed, IVF children are only as happy and as beautiful as any kids.

Myth: It is believed that IVF therapy damages the environment or natural process.

Fact: The IVF is a blessing to infertile couples.

The most important aspect of the universe is to be willing to give birth. Fertility therapy will only benefit anyone who can not understand by addressing all the difficulties that trigger this challenge and having nature do the rest.

Myth: Age is meaningless

Fact: The organic clock is ticking

At age 37, fertility drops significantly. Each month after birth all ladies, whether healthy or not, lose 10,000 eggs and slow them down to 1,000 a month at puberty before they run out of eggs which we describe as menopause.