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Common Questions about Laparoscopic Surgery

  • What is laparoscope?

A laparoscope is a special device which is specially designed for medical use. The device is connected with a high-resolution camera and it also has the light of high intensity. The device is basically used to check the abdominal cavity and it placed with a hollow tube. The entire process is visible on a monitor.

  • Is there any complication following the surgery?

Some of the complications are bruising, wound infection, reverse effect of anesthesia, injury to the blood vessel, hematoma formation, or injury to the urinary tract.

  • What are the benefits of Surgery?

One of the best benefits of the surgery is that the recovery period is very quick as compared to other surgeries. After the surgery, the patient is allowed is discharged on the same day. During the surgery, the incisions are made very small and it is also less painful. The incisions are also very small and they limited to three or four which are less than one inch long. You can get Laparoscopic surgery in Punjab because the surgeons are very experienced.

  • What to expect immediately after the surgery?

After the surgery the patient experience different symptoms such as scratchy throat (if breathing tube is used), area around the incisions is paining, nausea and headache, uterine cramping, bloated feeling, tender belly button, shoulder pain, or vaginal discharge.

  • Can another surgery be combined with Laparoscopic Surgery?

If you want to schedule two surgeries at the same time it is possible. Mostly Hysteroscopy surgery is combined with this surgery. Some other surgeries that can be performed are liposuction, gallbladder removal, and breast implants.

  • What type of problems can be treated with laparoscopy?

It is mostly used to teat the chronic pelvic pain or infertility. Additionally, it can also treat the problem of endometriosis, ovarian cyst, fibroid, cancer (some types), ectopic pregnancy, and pelvic floor disorders.

  • Is the surgery pain-free?

It is not pain-free but is gives less-pain as compared to other surgeries. The traditional way of doing the surgery which is open surgery requires a large incision which is around 6 to 8 inch long. But with laparoscopy, only 4 to 6 quarter inch incision is made which is very small. Due to this, the wound is also small and the pain is also very less.

  • When should I contact my doctor after the surgery?

You should contact the doctor if you notice redness around the treated area, vomiting, fever, or not able to breathe properly.