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Diet For Christmas If You Are Pregnant

Christmas is all about celebrations, it is merrymaking time for everyone, and it means having loads of fun along with indulging in food and drinks. But, for those ladies who are just out of their IVF center post their treatment, it means to be extra careful while choosing food, since IVF itself is the very crucial time for pregnant women, so all the indulgence in a party can be a bit tricky for them. But, not to worry, by giving a little twist to their food and flavors, they can easily enjoy this merry-making season. Have a look below to see how this season can be all the more fun-loving for you:

Choose Your Starters Carefully

Salmon is great if cooked and had the same day (it needs to be fresh). Salmon contains high levels of protein, along with omega 3 fatty acids, which are helpful in building brain of the baby and also improves the neurological system.

Eat Turkey Carefully

Turkey is said to have very low-fat content and is loaded with protein, along with having sufficient amount of Iron. In case you are a big fan of the bird, then please cook it properly, do not leave it half cooked. For checking, you can cut it near the breast area, near to the place where the leg is, and then press above the cuts with the help of a knife. Cooked Turkey will have the juices all oozing out, from within. In case you see it to be a little pink also, put it in the oven again for cooking, for at least 30 minutes more, this applies to everything you have.

A Bowl Full Of Sprouts

You may not like the sight of these, but then you will have to have them, if not for you then for your little one, you are supposed to have it. They overflow with many things vital for you to have, some of them being, Folate, Magnesium for helping the fetus to develop, and also for repairing the body tissues. They are also loaded with fiber, to help maintain your bowel movement.

No Raw Eggs For You

Under cooked eggs have the ability for making a person prone to food poisoning. Just like turkeys and meat and other things, even eggs need to cook properly and only then had.

Happy Holidays

So, now I hope you must have known what to eat, how to eat and what to avoid. Don’t stress too much, you can indulge in the holiday season, just b a bit cautious.