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Does a failed IVF mean I cannot have babies of my own?

The thought of having your own kids, playing around with you, surely puts a smile on anyone’s lips. Yes! Doesn’t it? I mean, who doesn’t like kids? I am sure every one of you reading this, must be liking them. There are many couples who wait for the little ones to be a part of their family, someone to play with them, but, sadly, not everyone is the same, so many couples are left without children. But, science in the recent past has advanced quite a lot and so have the medical treatments. The couples who cannot conceive can surely try going for IVF if naturally birthing a child is not easy for them.

IVF is the hope for childless couples, to fulfil their dream of having their child. It is the assisted reproductive process, through which female eggs are preserved with sperms of her counterpart for fertilization in a laboratory and after the embryo is developed, the healthy embryo is inserted in mother’s womb for successful conception.

Many and many people are resorting to IVF, it is the most preferred of fertility treatments. The success rates in IVF depend on many things, like age, the problem of infertility, the level where the problem is and many more things.

The part an IVF specialist plays in the success of the IVF cycle is also very important because only the doctor can give the best advice along with the best treatment.

But, sadly, many patients suffer because of IVF failure, and it is disheartening to see them in stress, they get so disappointed that sometimes depression gets on to them. But, there is nothing much to worry about, as there is still hope, there can be innumerable reasons for its failure, and they start thinking that they will never be able to conceive, which is again not true. IVF combined with other process and treatments can be a hope for these people.

Now, let’s read some of the other treatment options for these couples, who have survived a failed IVF. Even if one of the IVF processes has not been successful, nothing to worry, because, you can go in for the next, as well. Sometimes medicines are to be given to patients, especially women who are in their 35 – 40 age groups. For men having sperm count problem (having very less sperm count), advanced techniques can be used.

Implantation of the blastocyst is also provided to overcome the chances of birth defects and miscarriage. The blastocyst is also given so that any chances of birth defects or miscarriage can be knocked down.

Females can also be given donor eggs to help in conception and in case the male partner is having trouble with good quality sperms then donor sperms can also be an option.