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Do’s and Don’ts to follow after the successful implantation of the embryo

The couples who have been trying so hard to conceive do wait for that one moment of having received the good news. The couples who are either suffering from female or male infertility always end up taking the treatment from an IVF Centre in Punjab. Whenever the fertility expert transfers the embryo in the womb of the female, she feels her feet on the seventh sky. But in this article post, we are going to list the important do’s and don’ts which you need to follow as soon as the embryo gets transferred to your uterus.


  • It’s your time girl

You have received this good news after a long period. Now it is your time to pamper yourself. No doubt, your partner and other members of the family will take care of you but no care can pamper you until you start coddling yourself. You will be craving your favourite foods. So just do not restrain your carvings and serve your taste buds with delightful items. Besides, go for a hair spa or whatever you will feel like doing. Just bear in mind one thing that you should keep yourself away from stress.

  • Take your medicines on time

The intake of medications is quintessentially important in triggering a positive pregnancy. So whichever medicines are prescribed by the doctor, take on correct time and inappropriate dosage.

  • Have something healthy

The intake of a healthy diet is vital for the growth of a healthy baby. So you should follow the diet chart which is prepared by the nutritionist. The intake of the immunity-boosting foods should be increased because carrying a pregnancy to the end particularly in this carbon period is difficult, so incorporate all the protein and other essential nutrients supplements.

  • Take folic acid supplements

As we all know, how quintessential are the folic acids for the body of a pregnant woman? So it is advised to intake all the essential folic acid supplements to make your reproductive system healthier.


  • Do not have sex

After the embryo is successfully implanted in your body, then you should refrain from doing sex. Because sex includes penetrating activities which are not all suggested when the embryo is in its initial stage. Because engaging in any kind of sexual intercourse will either result in the miscarriage or the disfigurement of the baby.

  • Do not take the pregnancy test

You should only take the pregnancy test when the doctor will ask you to do so. If you consider taking up without the consultation of the doctor, the results which are more probable and likely to be negative at a particular time will push you into the dreadful hollow of stress. So stress is not good for the body. To avoid that, it is suggested.


A woman should carry out all the above-mentioned precautions when the embryo is implanted in her uterus because disobedience to any of these would result in a miscarriage only.