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Enhance your knowledge on IVF

Isn’t science a wonderful thing? Many years of advancements in infertility treatments, and IVF in particular, pregnancy is possible for many women who otherwise might never have thought that they could also conceive.

Infertility affects around 6.7 million women in childbearing age, all across the globe, advanced reproductive technologies are innovative. Coming to IVF, it is the most common and very effective type of assisted reproduction technology. But, don’t think it is very easy. IVF involves a lot of dedication, persistence, along with roadblocks.

IVF is very laborious

A patient who starts going to IVF will have to get it done for around two months, it mostly depends on how the body reacts to medicines. During that period there are loads to be done.

The first part of IVF consists of blocking out the natural menstrual cycle. For fulfilling this, the doctors give hormone injection or a spray. This has to be taken for the next two weeks.

Then comes ovarian stimulation, which is given in self- administered shots for nearly 1-2 days.

After that get ready to be administered with a shot to prompt the egg release, and then call you again post 36 hours for egg retrieval process. The collected eggs are then fertilized and left to grow for about 6 days. Then doctors chose one embryo and implant in a woman with a nonsurgical process, which is carried out using a catheter.

It is also important to keep in mind that besides taking medicines and other procedures, you will need to be in touch with doctors, for blood tests and ultrasounds and other things.

Stressing out is not going to make it hard for you to conceive

Stress is not the main reason for being infertile; it is mostly the other way round, which means that infertility can cause stress. If you have a healthy embryo, it will implant in a healthy uterus. Studies suggest that stress can lead to unhealthy habits like smoking which in turn affect infertility and also impact overall well being, so it goes without saying that one should keep stress quite far away from us.

Getting mood swings is a part and parcel of treatment

There are a lot of chances that you will be moody. It is because of the hormonal fluctuations you experience from injecting hormones on a daily basis. Otherwise, many women are sensitive, because of their nature. In case you have major mood swings or are irritable when on PMS, it indicates you are hormonally sensitive and may be more affected by hormonal secretions.