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Factors That Affect A Male’s Fertility Condition

The fertility issues have been rising at an unbelievable rate. More and more people are becoming infertile and there are many reasons that can be attributed to it. It was believed earlier that fertility issues were restricted to women only and were always fertile. However, this is not the case and the medical science has proved that there can be male infertility too. Thus, if a woman is not able to conceive it does not necessarily mean that she is infertile; her partner can be infertile too. There are around 40% of cases of male infertility that are reported.

What can cause male infertility?

There can be many factors that can contribute to infertility of male which is mentioned below:

  1. Age: the age of man plays a prominent role in his fertility. Although men do not become totally infertile with their advancing age their fertility does reduce to a large extent with progress in their age. This happens in the decline in the sperm count production and diminished volume of the semen.
  2. Weight: the weight of a man decreases his fertility. A report conducted in 2014 concluded that men who have a waistline measure 40 inches or greater possess 22% lower sperm count than men with a waistline measuring 37 inches and below.
  3. Diet: the diet is definitely a dominant factor in affecting the fertility of both men and women. Though diet directly does not have bearing on the fertility of men, still having a healthy and balanced diet can increase the fertility percentage of men. Men consuming a high saturated fat diet are likely to have low sperm count as per a study conducted at Harvard.
  4. Drinking: drinking does not cause any bad to anyone if it is done in moderation or in permissible limits. But, if one is an alcoholic or does not have control over his drinking habits, he may encounter fertility issues. This is because excessive drinking has been linked to cause erectile dysfunction, decrease sperm production, and decreased testosterone.
  5. Depression: depression can result in decreased libido, the problem in the erectile function of men, as well as delayed or inhibited ejaculation leading to fertility issues.

All in all, men face infertility issues too and there are infertility treatments to treat these issues. However, a little care and attention in the lifestyle factors and planning kids at the right age can help to overcome these issues.