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Guide on myth related to infertility, fertility treatment, and IVF procedure

In this blog, we have shared the common myths regarding infertility, IVF, and fertility treatment:

  • Infertility is a female issue

Infertility problem is common with men and women. Approximately 1/3rd will struggle with male infertility and another third struggle with female infertility. The remaining third might face female and male fertility issues or sometimes the reason might not be known.

Couples all over the world struggle with infertility issues. In many cases, the couple needs to conceive fertility treatment by consulting the best doctor at the IVF centre in Punjab.

Medical treatment can improve the conception chances by taking fertility drugs, or the additional treatment in which there is a need for sperm donors.

  • If a man can ejaculate, his fertility is fine

In most cases of male infertility, there are no visible signs that anything is wrong. There is no guarantee that the sperm is healthy if you have normal ejaculation and have a proper erectile function.

Male infertility can be the reason for low sperm count, shape, and improper sperm movement. Around 2 to 5 % of semen is made from semen and it is mostly made from fluid and mucus which is rich in hormones, amino acids, sugars, and minerals.

Fertility issues can be the reason because you have issues with erectile dysfunction. You should get in touch with the fertility expert for a better understanding of what to do.

  • Cough medicine increases the chances of pregnancy

Many people think that cough medicine increases the chances of conception. These medicines can increase cervical mucus secretions and boost fertility. But, these medicines do not work and there is no proof that these medications can increase the chances of conception.

  • Clomid can help anyone conceive faster

Clomid is a fertility medication that helps you conceive faster. Patients think that taking this medication can increase the conception chances but this is not true at all.

This medication is great for increasing ovulation but if you do not have fertility issues, it is not going to help you at any cost. This medication can prove helpful in some cases of fertility.

However, keep in mind it cannot improve male infertility, or it can be helpful in structural female fertility issues like blocked fallopian tubes. You must consult the fertility expert on what works best for your condition.

  • Infertility means conception is not possible naturally

It is difficult to understand the difference between infertility and sterility. It is important to determine the reason for infertility and get the diagnosis to understand with fertility treatment you need. The need for fertility treatment will depend on what is the cause that is possible with the diagnosis and getting different tests.

  • IVF increases the chances of multiples

IVF increases the chances of multiples, but this is not the case. During the treatment, you have the option to choose the number of embryos that need to be transferred to the women’s reproductive tract.