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How is PGT-A considered the important improvement for IVF treatment?

IVF treatment has been a blessing for the couples who are facing problems conceiving due to infertility or some other issues. Visiting the best IVF centre in Punjab increases the chances of having a successful pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy child.

Moreover, the treatment has evolved with time which means the improvements have been made. One of them is the genetic testing which is done during the treatment. This is done to check the chromosome structure. The testing process also helps to measure the results of genetic changes which can be seen in the patient.

If you are one of the couples who is struggling to conceive then visit our IVF centre and get a reliable treatment plan to look for the embryo’s chromosomes.

How do these changes increase success results?

There has been many additions in the treatment. This helps the patient because they help to know which embryo is viable for the transfer. There is a need for enough chromosomes for fertilization and this is where the procedure makes a lot of difference.

Before the treatment starts, the women need to take fertility medications to stop the menstrual cycle. Once that is done, the women need to take fertility drugs to increase the egg count so that quality eggs are produced for the treatment.

Following that eggs are retrieved from the ovaries once there are enough of them. The eggs and sperm are kept together for fertilization in a controlled environment. After that, it results in an embryo which is then transferred back to the women’s reproductive tract.

Aneuploidy and Use of PGT-A

  • Around 46 chromosomes are present in human cells and aneuploidy is the problem which is seen in infertile patients which indicates either there are less than 46 or more than 46 chromosomes. This helps in knowing about the chromosome condition and this issue can even result in miscarriage along with pregnancy failure.
  • Its chances also increase with age and by the age of 40 around 80 percent of embryos are aneuploid. Once this issue is identified, PGT-A helps to discord and produce healthy embryos that result in a successful pregnancy.

PGT-A is helpful because women can produce several eggs with this and they can be retrieved to fertilize along with sperm. Keep in mind, this is not going to solve the chromosomally abnormal embryos but it can also help to avoid the transfer.

Who needs PGT-A and does it work?

The chromosomal issue is dangerous and it can result in infertility. PGT-A is a great option for couples who have faced recurrent miscarriage. Women over the age of 35 should get this option by consulting the fertility expert.

Over time, there have been a lot of changes in the treatment and the way it gives the results. You need to get in touch with the fertility expert and then make the final choice on what you need to do.

If you are one of those who are trying to get pregnant but not able to get the results then you need to get in touch with our doctor and understand what treatment plan you need to get. Book your appointment to get detailed information.