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How smoking can affect your fertility and chances to conceive naturally?

Bad habits affect our daily life greatly and it can lead to different issues. Generally, also we try to stay away from bad habits and welcome good habits which help us to succeed in life. Moreover, when we include bad habits in our daily routine it affects our body adversely and leads to poor body function. When a woman is trying to conceive it becomes important to follow a healthy routine and lifestyle which improves her conception chances. Smoking is considered one of those habits which the women need to work upon when she plans to conceive as it affects human health and it makes them feel restless all the time.


Smoking affects human health

Different studies and research have shown that human health is affected adversely by using cigarettes daily. The body functioning is poor and the person is not able to do the things in the right order. Ideally, when you plan to conceive, your fertility doctor will let you know to quit these habits right away. Make sure you visit the best IVF centre in Punjab to get the right information and best treatment plan.

Generally, people start smoking as a style or fashion but it becomes a habit and turns into addiction with time. If you are planning to have a baby then it becomes essential to understand the ill effects behind male and female fertility.

This is true, smoking is considered as the biggest reason behind infertility so it is essential to take the healthy steps towards finding a little happiness in your life. Visit our IVF centre and get the best treatment and informed decision with our IVF experts.


Smoking effects Female and Male Infertility

Smoking is highly injurious to health and everyone is aware of this fact. But, many people are not able to stop it despite knowing about it. The habit of smoking is neither best for male and female partners especially when the couple is planning to conceive.

  • Initially, smoking will result in breathing issues and reduces the stamina in men and this results in erectile dysfunction. Moreover, smoking reduces sperm production and reduces sperm count in the long run.
  • On the other hand, women face the issue of ovulation which affects egg production and it triggers infertility. Smoking is considered harmful because it leads to impacts on the blood flow in the body and this way the child growing inside the belly will not get the essential nutrients it needs or it increases the chances of miscarriage.


Consult the doctor

Both the partners need to quit smoking whether you are trying to conceive naturally or planning to undergo IVF treatment.