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How to begin with fertility treatment? How should couples change their lifestyle accordingly?

Nothing is as disastrous for couples as the encounter of that single red stripe on the pregnancy test kits. Since an IVF Centre in Punjab is there to help you with pregnancy-related problems, be assured that there are still chances. In India, People are of the view that the fertility of females has remained an important factor behind impotency to conceive. But if considering the facts then male infertility has been rising since the early 90s.


  • Preserving a healthy weight


Preservation of a healthy weight is a critical aspect of conception. Both underweight and overweight can give rise to many conception and pregnancy-related problems.

If a man’s weight is not ideal, then he can encounter the following problems:

  • Erectile Dysfunctioning
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Fragile Sperms
  • Low Sperm Count

If a woman is not keeping up the healthy weight, then she can face:

  • Frequent Miscarriages
  • Abnormal bleeding during conception
  • Menstrual Disorders
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Rapidly Changing lifestyle

Because of the modernization and significant contribution of women in all the fields, lifestyle is rapidly changing. In earlier times, there were almost 1 in 100 cases of infertility. This was because of the healthy lifestyle that they were maintaining. Yeah!! Surely, we cannot get that time back but we can make slight changes in our lifestyle like:

  • Avoid the consumption of junk or oily food
  • Incorporation of physical activity schedule in our daily routine
  • Neglecting engagement in frequent intercourses
  • Avoid stressing oneself with tons of things


  • Consultation with the right specialist

This is that aspect of your expectations, to deliver a healthy baby, that could literally make or break your expectations. Since you have not chosen the right specialist, you will be in the constant threat of prolonged impotency. So if you are looking for trained and qualified doctors then the right specialists of IVF Centre, Moga are just a call away.

  • Picking out the right treatment

As it is known that there is a variegated stratagem of fertility restoration. Nevertheless, it depends on the cause which is causing infertility.

  • If one has a stoppage in fallopian tubes that is stopping them to become pregnant. Then instead of taking up IVF treatment, you can restore fertility with hysteroscopy itself.
  • Weighing up genetic testing

Genetic Testing not only helps the individual to find out whether the problem is concerned with the inheritance of hormones. But it also plays a crucial role in determining whether any kind of negative hormones will pass to the offsprings.

Final Thoughts

One must switch to physical exercise or even Yoga to maintain peace of mind and detain from stress.