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What are the best intercourse positions that increase the chances to get pregnant?

When patients visit our IVF centre in Punjab, they often ask about the best intercourse position to get pregnant. The intercourse position which gets sperm near the cervix can help you conceive. Sperm will swim up the female reproductive tract without or without the need for gravity. There are different positions which have shown to help the couple to get pregnant and some of them are:

  • Man on top, the woman on bottom position (aka “Missionary Position”)
  • “Doggy style,” or rear-entry position
  • Woman on top, the man on bottom position
  • Side-by-side position
  • Edge of the bed position
  • Right angle sex position

Additionally, if the woman is lying on her back as men ejaculates, then also success chances to conceive are improved. Well, there is no research done on sexual intercourse to prove this fact.


One of the research is done on IUI which is a fertility treatment. During the treatment, semen samples are washed to transfer sperm into the woman’s uterus. The sperm is transferred while the woman lays on her back.

Doctors even wonder whether the horizontal position following the treatment might improve success chances. One of the studies has shown that if women lay on her back for 15 minutes following the sperm transfer then the pregnancy rate after 3 cycles is 27 percent. If the woman gets up right after the procedure the success rate increases to 18 percent.

Doggy Style

With MRI scans, the researchers were able to compare between doggy style or missionary gets ejaculated closest to the cervix. You might be surprised that rear entry can get close to the penis to deliver sperm when compared to the position man-on-top. The research does not tell how pregnancy success is affected by it. So, this position is best for conception as it results in rear entry.

Best Position for conception

  • At times, the way the position makes you feel makes the difference. One of the research studies has shown that longer foreplay and a higher level of sexual arousal before ejaculation increase the sperm count. This means if a position results in turn-on then it increases fertility. But, how much that is not known.
  • Some of the studies have shown the female orgasm before, during, or sometime after the male partner ejaculates have shown to increase pregnancy chances.

Results can improve when there is the female orgasm

Researchers wonder that the possible biological purpose of oral sex for women might be for reproduction. Some of the studies have shown that oral sex increases semen volume.

Additional considerations

Intercourse while trying to get pregnant can feel like a chore. Trying different sexual positions can make sex life better. This is also great for emotional and relationship reasons.


You can switch between positions if one does not work for you and others might increase your chances of pregnancy.