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Is It Possible To Go Infertility After The Birth Of The First Child?

Numerous couples face no issue conceiving the second time. Whereas many couples battle with secondary infertility after the first successful delivery. Some people think that it is easy to get pregnant the second time. But it is not simple as first time. This incorporates couples who experienced infertility however recently had an effective pregnancy. Secondary infertility means a couple is unable to have a baby second time even after the first successful pregnancy.  In addition, it is not uncommon, many people suffer from this issue due to some health conditions, for example, overweight, low sperm rate, smoking, and liquor consumption.

Here are several reasons for infertility after the first pregnancy-:

You are a woman over age 35

The primary reason for secondary infertility is age. When women reach to her 40’s, then it is difficult to conceive a child for her. Because at this age she is unable to get pregnant because of some health conditions. For example changes in hormones increases the risk of infertility in both sexes. In this case, you should visit a doctor for proper infertility treatment.

You are a man whose sperm count is low

Your age and some critical health conditions may affect sperm quantity and quality. In any case, it is surprising for numerous men to understand the reason behind this condition. Some regular practices may reduce sperm creation. Whereas some medicines can cause secondary infertility in men such as testosterone supplements.

You are a woman with PCOS

If you experience a PCOS issue, then it will affect your fertility. Hormonal changes  can lead to secondary infertility and disrupt ovulation. In addition, PCOS is the primary reason for primary and secondary infertility. Also, if your menstrual cycle is irregular, then you may experience infertility issue. Moreover, abnormalities caused by past surgeries may lead to secondary infertility.

You are overweight

In both people, being overweight can cause difficulties with pregnancy. In ladies, it can affect the testosterone levels and increase the insulin level in her body. For men, overweight can build estrogen levels and can lead to low sperm quantity.

You consume too much alcohol

Men and women who drink excessive liquor can face infertility and other health problems. It may reduce your chances of giving birth to a healthy baby. Heavy and excessive consumption of alcohol may disrupt hormones in men. Additionally, it can affect sperm production. They should follow IVF as an infertility treatment. Because this is the effective and successful treatment for infertility in both sexes.