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Is it safe for women to undergo IVF treatment with endometriosis issues?

IVF for Endometriosis patients

Endometriosis is the leading cause of women’s infertility. However, the patient diagnosed with this treatment can undergo IVF treatment to increase the chances of conception. Not only does it increase the odds of pregnancy, but the woman can have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby. If you are not able to conceive on your own then visit the best IVF centre in Punjab to get a better understanding of how the treatment works. In this blog, we are going to understand one of the patient journeys who have undergone IVF and diagnosed with endometriosis

Fertility treatment and diagnosed with endometriosis

One of our patients named Neha Mittal received the disappointing news that she won’t be able to conceive on her own. However, she did not have a history of fertility issues which was making everything more stressful. When she consulted our doctor she told her about the IVF treatment and how she can conceive the baby despite the fertility problem.

Road to successful conception

At the start, things did not go the way she wanted, and her body was not able to deal with the treatment. It was noted that endometriosis was getting worsened and the reason was not known. Many symptoms were getting out of control. All this happened before she consulted our fertility expert.

Our fertility doctor is experienced in giving the IVF treatment to endometriosis patients. IVF is the best possible option for such women.

IVF makes a suitable choice

IVF does not cause endometriosis to spread to other organs in the body. This issue is an estrogen-dependent disease which means it grows because of the hormones.

The IVF treatment starts with giving the women fertility medications which increase the egg count. Once enough eggs are produced they will be retrieved with a simple procedure which takes a few minutes and it is known as egg retrieval.

IVF does not increase the risk

Many studies have shown that IVF does not increase the risk of endometriosis patients. There is no progression of symptoms if you choose to undergo IVF. This fertility treatment is safe. During the entire treatment, the fertility expert will have a close look at your health and see how your body is responding to the treatment. The progression of endometriosis is determined with the laparoscopy procedure. Do not worry as the fertility expert will be there for you throughout the entire treatment to guide you on what needs to be done.