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Is there any risk associated with having a baby through IVF?

IVF or in vitro fertilization is the advanced and lab-based procedure that can help the childless couples even if they are suffering from unexplained infertility issue. Some couples choose it as an option in case of both female and male infertility.

Although it is the safe and effective procedure still many of us remain concerned about the potential risks associated with this procedure. Many couples ask questions about risks associated with IVF when they visit any IVF center so let us understand the risk factors of this treatment.

IVF Risks

Some researches explain about the birth defects associated with IVF treatment as thee researches claim that IVF babies have more chances to have the birth defects and this ratio is 4-5% as compared to the 3% chances of birth defects in normal conception. So that chances are not more.

As per the experts IVF treatment can have the potential risks like unsuccessful implantation, birth defects, miscarriage, and multiple births but they believe that these risks are associated with the reason of infertility and the age of patient for instance if the patient is having age more than 40 then the chances of miscarriage are more and even in this age there are fewer chances for their body to accept the embryo due to which they face the issue of implantation failure.

In the later age of life especially after the age of 40 the egg quality get affected and even overall health of the person get disturbed so there are fewer chances of getting success in single IVF cycle so doctors have to go for multiple cycles to ensure a successful and safe pregnancy.

Even the skills, knowledge and experience of the IVF doctor can also control and minimize the potential risks of this procedure.