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Is Varicocele A Cause Of Infertility?

Varicocele is not much common but affecting 10-15 % of a man. Still, the doctors and the researchers are doing a debate for the role of varicocele in infertility but some studies claim that while treating this condition of veins fertility outcomes may improve but the given evidence for the fact is weak so let us learn more about the effect of varicocele for the fertility.

What is Varicocele?

Varicocele is the condition of men that occurs when the bulge results from the enlarged veins inside the scrotum and the caused swelling in this condition resemble an enlargement above the testicle without discoloration.

Inside the scrotum, there is a group of veins called pampinform plexus and this group of veins helps in cool down the blood before its transfer to the testicular artery that further transfer this blood to testicles.

If the testicles remain too hot then it cannot produce healthy sperms so affects the fertility of men. Men with this issue choose the appropriate Infertility treatment so that they can have the ability to conceive the female partner.

If we talk on overall basis then the symptoms of varicocele are not the same for all affected men but few of them may experience fertility issues but most of them experience the tenderness and swelling of the scrotum.

Is Really Varicocele A Cause Of Infertility?

As discussed above, few men with varicoceles experience the infertility issue but the infertility rates among the men who are affected by varicoceles are higher than the men who are not suffering from varicoceles. Even the men who choose, IVF treatment also have the varicoceles issue as this issue interfere their body’s ability to make and store the healthy sperm which is essential for the successful conception.

One study conducted in 2014 data of 816 men with infertility issues was conducted then one-third of them were having a varicocele on an average basis. It means that varicocele can be the cause of infertility issue but not all the time.  On the other side research on the fact that can varicocele treatment improves the fertility, is still continue? even some studies have given favorable evidence for this fact but the evidence is weak and even not any clinic a proven has been given to this fact so more research is needed to prove that fact that varicocele is actually a cause for infertility in men?