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Knowing About The Need For Sperm Retrieval

There are many men who suffer from infertility issue due to low or no sperm count. To such men, doctors suggest some ways of sperm retrieval for fertility purposes. Basically, sperm retrieval is the collection of sperm from the semen that could be done through various ways used according to the patient’s condition or wish and surgeon’s skill.

Let us know more about this sperm retrieval with the following relevant information:

Normal Release Of Sperm

Under the normal conditions, sperm and testosterone made in the scrotum at the base of the penis and the sperm leave the testicles through the epididymis that is the coiled tube and is further linked to the prostate by a tube called vas deferens. This tube passes through the scrotum and go into the groin and then to the pelvis and behind the bladder. This tube forms the ejaculatory duct by joining with the seminal vesicle and while ejaculation sperm passes through the ducts and gets mixed with fluid from the seminal vesicles, prostate and other glands to form the semen. This semen travels through the urethra and get a release from the end of the penis after the ejaculation while performing sexual activity.

The Need For Sperm Retrieval

Sperm retrieval is generally recommended when the couple is planning for conception but fails to do so because of male side infertility issue of no or low sperm count in semen. There are some men who have low or no sperm present in the semen and even some are not able to ejaculate and all these issues become a hindrance for achieving the goal of pregnancy that is why doctors recommend for the sperm retrieval.

Sperm retrieval is also done in the most effective and advanced method IVF for getting pregnant as in this method retrieved sperm is kept with the female egg under the controlled conditions of the lab for healthy fertilization of the egg and successful pregnancy.

ICSI treatment is also performed with the sperm retrieval as in this technique single sperm is injected in the egg after retrieval to ensure the fertilization of the egg. This technique is combined with the IVF treatment to increase the chances of fertilization of egg so that fertilized egg when get turned into the embryo then it could be transferred into the mother womb for a happy pregnancy. Even you have to pay some additional charges but with this reasonable ICSI treatment cost couples can improve the chances of IVF success even after the male partner’s infertility issue.

The absence of male sperm in the semen sample is called the condition of azoospermia which is monitored under the microscope and this condition can be of two types one is obstructive when the testicles produce the sperm but it gets block n the reproductive tract. Another condition is non-obstructive azoospermia when the body does not make the sperm. Thus, sperm retrieval can be recommended only in the condition of obstructive azoospermia and in the other condition men have to go for further medical treatments.