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Laparoscopic Surgery For Endometriosis. But Why?

Laparoscopic surgery is explained as a common procedure which is used to remove the endometriosis. A laparoscope is generally an instrument which is used to treat endometriosis with small incision rather than a large incision. But it depends on your condition and surgeon, if he requires better access, then he may make more incisions.

This procedure is useful to remove the mild to moderate endometriosis. In this process firstly your surgeon examines your internal organs in order to understand the symptoms of endometriosis. In this phase, he uses an instrument known as a laparoscope and enters this tool through small incisions in order to see tiny and hidden endometriosis.

Then, he will move to the second phase with the goal to remove visible endometriosis implants and scar tissues which are responsible for severe pain and infertility.

Laparoscopy procedure

There are some pre-surgery instructions that you have to follow in order to get quick recovery results such as you should avoid eating anything before the laparoscopy. In addition, this procedure is generally performed under the general anesthesia because you have to awake during the whole procedure.

This procedure starts with the gas injection with a small needle in order to push your abdominal wall away because your surgeon wants to examine internal organs properly. This is done through small incisions with the goal to insert a laparoscope instrument with the goal to see hidden or tiny endometriosis. In addition, this medical procedure almost takes 1 hour because your doctor wants to view organs for better results.

After this, if he finds any problem regarding endometriosis then your surgeon will remove these scar tissues with the help of small one or more incisions. This whole laparoscopy procedure is done by an electric beam. Moreover, this procedure is totally safe and scar free.

Why the laparoscopy is performed?

This procedure is done in order to examine pelvic organs and to remove scar tissues. Additionally, this process is useful to treat endometriosis severe pain even after hormone therapy. And you need this procedure if your scar tissues are interfering with the internal organs. Moreover, this condition is responsible for infertility in women and then this surgery is performed to improve the chances of pregnancy.

At last, this surgery requires very less recovery time, for example, 2 weeks. You only need to stay in a hospital for a single day and you will be able to do your normal routine activities after a week. You should visit us once and our surgeons will definitely give you information related to laparoscopy and endometriosis.